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Win Masters of Science Fiction on DVD : Now With Winners!
© Joe Crowe
August 01, 2008

This contest now has winners. Read their winning stuff and generally, feel happy for them. You'll win something in our next contest. Unless your entry is terrible, or you don't enter.

If you are the kind of person who often says to yourself, "I would like to win an entire season of a science fiction anthology series on DVD," then RevolutionSF has a contest just for you.

The series is Masters of Science Fiction. It's an hour-long anthology series. It adapts stories by Harlan Ellison, Robert Heinlein, Josh Olsen, Howard Fast, Sam Egan, and John Kessel.

Here is what you do (if you'd like to win):

Send us a real quote from an actual science fiction story that is made funny and/or otherwise entertaining by saying "That's what she said" afterward.

That's right. Here at RevolutionSF, we are cultural and highbrow, ain't we?

But wait! Don't use Star Trek or Star Wars quotes. Everybody and their pastor says "That's what she said" after Star Trek and Star Wars quotes. They're too easy. RevolutionSF is not easy.

Send the quote using our feedback form.

I call it CRAMIT (Convenient RevolutionSF Android Mail Information Thing).

Here is what happens when we get winners.

We will list the best responses we get, and ten (10) of those clever folks will get a copy of Masters of Science Fiction.

Here is more about the show:

The DVD set includes two episodes from stories by Robert Sheckley and Walter Mosley that never aired on TV during the series' run on ABC.

The series is hosted by Stephen Hawking. Actors include Sam Waterson, Judy Davis, Malcolm McDowell, Terry O’Quinn, Elizabeth Rohm, Brian Dennehy, John Hurt, and Sean Astin.

Our RevolutionSF reviewer Rick Klaw said: "Hearkening back to the glory days of The Twilight Zone, Masters of Science Fiction starts on a note of exceptional and unexpected quality."

RevolutionSF talked to producer Keith Addis about the show. He said it's about "really big ideas."

The 2-disc DVD will be available to the rabble and hooligans of the non-RevolutionSF enjoying variety on August 5, but they also have to pay $29.97 for it. So forget them. This is about you.

Here's an example of what we're looking for, from our Funny List Archive and from the sitcom wizards of NBC.

Play early. Play often. Don't be like all those other non-Masters of Science Fiction DVD winning stick-in-the-muds.

Thanks to Big Honcho Media.

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