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Pushing Daisies Season 2 Episode 1 Almost-Live Blog
© KaosDevice and GlassSpider
October 02, 2008

RevolutionSF embedded KaosDevice and GlassSpider for the second season debut of Pushing Daisies.


GlassSpider: Ach, some of this is so sad.

Hmmm, part of what I like about it -- the grimness.


KaosDevice: Ah, this intro is precious.


GS: So pretty!

Huh, wonder what happens when two undead, um, things, touch each other.


Cod KILLS me!

The bee thing was pretty.


"Why you gotta flip over?"


KD: They are going more and more 1960s with this show.

It is fun to have the surreal reality sort of thing, but have a pinky toe back in ours.

I wonder if Kristen Chenoweth has balance issues, I am just sayin'.


GS: The aunts are priceless; the puns are painful!


GS: Hey, who saw that bit she did about rehab, on Funny or Die? Excellente. not safe for work, or anywhere else people wouldn't like to hear the word "doo-doo")


GS: Man, this show rolls! Almost a relief having a commercial. I no type so fast, not super quicky-rapido.


GS: Everything is the color of honey. Yum, get me a biscuit!


KD: French Stewart is made of irritating.


GS: Finally, a role where French can't steal the show. Chew that scenery all you want, Frenchy; it's made of piiiiiiieee!


KD: So. Making sense not a huge priority?


GS: How great is it to see Ellen Greene again?


KD: This show is trying wonderfully but not hitting where it needs to hit. Dang you, PD, you aren't scratching that itch any more.


KD: This was a meh episode for me. Glad it is over. The Olive parts turned out to be the better parts of the episode.

Give me real pie!


GS: Where's Auntie Swoozie get all her color-coordinated eyepatches?

Flibberty-gibbet! Fromagerie!


KD: Ugh. Not over. More bees.

GS: I'm not scared of bees, but that's just effing creepy!


GS: I realize not everyone sees the same sets of ads, but as an aside, I HATE those Glade commercials. That lying bitch is supposed to sell me air fresheners? Why does she lie about everything?


KD: Shocking conclusion!

And done.

GS: The Piemaker is a putz.

P.S. Not scared of bees. Am scared of clowns. Next week could be interesting.

P.P.S.: PIIIIIIIIE!!! Go to the RevSF boards for the complete, unedited, uncensored except they probably said very few cuss words Season 2 episode 1 blog. You can also talk about the show there yourself. See? So convenient.

Almost forgot. Spoiler warning!

KaosDevice and GlassSpider wasn't using proper nouns, but thank God I was eavesdropping.

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