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V Snatched From Innocent Grasp Of Our Childhood
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
October 15, 2008

V is being remade, but not by anyone who did it before. If Marc Singer is not in it, I shall weep tears. And not even manly ones.

The new idea is by Scott Peters from The 4400. So he knows his stuff. But the original series creator Kenneth Johnson is not part of the deal. Johnson on his site says he's still at work on his own version. We know how well that worked out for Richard Hatch on Battlestar Galactica. But good luck.

Johnson wrote a novel with his new V ideas, V: The Second Generation, which I have not finished yet. I bought it because it's V.

The first miniseries, the loveable and awesome V: The Final Battle and the really not very good regular series are all on DVD.

V was so 80s, with red jumpsuits and the hair frizz and the Michael Ironside. Sure, an alien infiltration story that doesn't have those things could be done. But why?

The new guy Scott Peters says "Everybody has that imagery of their uniforms, or the visitor eating a hamster."

So it looks like he's taking all that out. He says the new show will be about blind faith in leaders. That sounds way, way more fun than fighting aliens with rifles that go "zoosh."

Jayme Blaschke says, "Watch 'em do away with the lizard-in-masks, red jumpsuits, reverb voices and aversion to light . . . Oh wait! They're making it just like the regular series!"

It will also have a story about the kid of a Homeland Security agent, who likes the Visitors, but that "causes tension." They did that in the original, but that was a minor storyline compared to a vest-wearing Marc Singer, the baddest TV cameraman in the business.

Come on, new V guy. Human masks that peel off with lizard-men underneath. Action guys and ladies who ride in jeeps and fight them. Get your crap together.

Congratulations on selling out RevolutionSF's Joe Crowe to a bunch of nightcrawlers!

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