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Star Trek Movie : The RevolutionSF Watercooler
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October 17, 2008

We aren't really standing around together. We could be drinking water, but we don't know, because we cannot see each other. We call it the RevSF Watercooler anyway, because we talk about extremely important RevSF-oriented things when we really should be doing something less fun.

Star Trek movie photos

A smattering of photos from the new Trek movie were released to the nets by Entertainment Weekly, along with their cover story about the movie. They sent RevolutionSF nothin'. What's up? We're awesome.

But hey, the bridge is transparent! And the guy playing McCoy looks exactly like McCoy. -- Joe Crowe

* * * * *

Agreed. I hadn't been impressed with that casting until now.

But what's up with Chekov? Wasn't he supposed to be like 10 years younger thank Kirk? If he was mixed up with this proto-crew at the start of his career, how big a fuck-up must he have been to still be only an ensign when Kirk had ascended to captain' -- Jayme Blaschke

* * * * *

Well remember, this is both a reboot and a "re-imagining." Hopefully by fun-gineers! -- KaosDevice

* * * * *

While acknowledging your tongue is planted firmly in cheek, I've ALWAYS been annoyed by flashback stories that try to shoehorn EVERY significant character-development episode of history into one singular event. Which is why I really, really disliked the Young Indiana Jones sequence from Last Crusade. And suspect I will be disproportionately annoyed by the new Trek, even if I like the end result. -- Jayme Blaschke

* * * * *

Let's hope Urban isn't just doing a DeForest impression. As much as I love the man, Urban's McCoy needs to be more than that.

That is a huge problem here: its characters are so iconic that a recast can end up being a night with Rich Little rather than anything new, exciting and visionary. -- Deanna Toxopeus

* * * * *

I'm staying cautiously optimistic. I like the way they've done the classic uniforms, with the color piece over the black, staying retro but looking modern.

The guy playing Chekov doesn't look right at all. Maybe it's the hair, or the too-boyish face.

Pegg looks pissed as Scotty.

If that white "clean room" is the bridge of the Enterprise, I'm not happy. The bridge shouldn't look like a sterile drug lab.

I hope I can keep from wondering when Spock is going to eat people's brains. That pic of him pinning Kirk down isn't helping. -- Sneezy the Squid

* * * * *

Chekov looks too boyish because of the man perm. He should have been cast as Michael Knight's son.

Pegg's mad because he saw the script. -- Deanna Toxopeus

* * * * *

With the Bond franchise, the only other thing that compares, at least as far as longevity and wild swings in quality go, there's never really been a wholesale reboot or recasting en masse. Judi Dench was a holdover from the Brosnan pics as M, so even though there were radical changes in approach to the material, it still felt familiar. With the Connery to Lazenby and Connery to Moore and Moore to Dalton shifts, the supporting cast stayed in place (except for Moneypenny with Dalton, because Dalton and the elderly Lois Chiles flirting would've been creepy). When Brosnan took over was the closest they ever came to a wholesale reboot, but even then Q remained the same (and honestly, people'd been waiting for Brosnan to take the role for a decade at that point, so he felt familiar even if he was new).

This whole Trek retrofit goes way beyond any of that, even with the CYA addition of Nimoy in a cameo role. The only revisiting of Classic Trek that I felt really worked was Trials and Tribble-ations from DS9, and they obviously busted their humps to blend the modern characters seamlessly with the young, non-fat Kirk & co.

But then I guess you can't have a two-hour retro Tribble movie with digitally manipulated television footage on the big screen in this day and age. -- Jayme Blaschke

* * * * *

You could argue Planet of the Apes in this role as well. You had all the movies and the TV show with some continuity of characters & actors and so forth. Then you had a huge gulf of time and a re-imagining type movie that had nothing really to do with the source material.

As an aside from what I understand the movie is sort of an alternate dimension sort of story. It has old tired Spock going "What if our initial meeting had gone THIS way . . . " cue squiggly lines and a trip into alter-land. -- KaosDevice

Has anybody used the term Trek Babies in a joke yet? Cause I got dibs. -- Matthew Bey

* * * * *

I don't understand the return to the cheap 60's look. That doesn't strike me as something that will be seen as fresh to today's audiences. I'm predicting that they'll see it as a joke.

I was interested in this when it was first announced, but I'm losing interest with each new image released. This reminds me of Miller's Spirit movie. It's starting to look less successful with each PR release.

Deanna's right -- what's with the man perms? Are they attempting to reach the hair height of Shatner's toupee in the first Trek movie? -- Jay Willson

* * * * *

I'm also at a loss to explain the retro clothing. Really, it can only be a joke, or an alternate timeline. The skirts on the women made sense (well, sort of) in the original series since the women on the ship generally played the space equivalent of secretaries (nurse excluded, though that was still a supporting role). It's hard to take the reboot as taking place in our future. -- Andrew Kozma

* * * * *

That's exactly my reaction as well. It seems like the Star Trek vision of the future has now become a cheap science fiction television show. I don't get it. Maybe it will work on the big screen, but I'll be very curious to see how they pull it off.

I'm sorry, but the mini skirts are the silliest part of this look. Will the females of the cast be reduced to 1960's caricatures as well? What is this, the SF version of AMC's Mad Men? -- Jay Willson

* * * * *

I, for one, don't have a problem with the return of the classic style uniforms. I think they've modernized the designs well enough. Then again, I was never all that blown away by the unisex jumpsuits of Next Generation, and HATED HATED HATED the move to the all black-and-gray outfits that plagued the final couple of movies. But I do agree that everything else is too damn glossy. That's not a working starship, it's a shopping mall. -- Jayme Blaschke

* * * * *

Am I the only one who thinks this movie will be the Bee's Knees? At the very least, it's the Trek Relaunch not tried yet, and that alone is something. Lookit: Classic Trek is the best Trek, all right? Oh, I know, there were some doozy episodes of The Politically Correct Generation and there were some great seasons of Deep Space Ponderosa, and I suppose there was a few redeeming moments of Battlestar Fetish-Captain, but for most people, good or bad, it's Kirk and Spock and McCoy. That's where the pop culture value lies, and that's what needs to come back. This is not so radical as we might think. They restarted Bond, what? Six times? And each time, it shed the sexism of the previous generation to embrace the sexism of the current generation. So let it be with Star Trek. Mini-skirts? Who cares? Green-skinned chicks? If we're lucky. Weird sets? I can only hope. None of that is important. What's important is that Kirk will still be the Alpha-Male (or the Alpha-Male in training) and everyone will, if they have any sense, start the "legend" of what ultimately became the hallmarks of their characters. You now -- "I canna give you a mirrrracle, Cap'n" and "I'm a doctor, not a cowboy." We know that Trek can work on the big screen, and work well. Classic crew, even, can hold it together. I say, let them roll with this, and string three or four old Klingon episodes together into an epic film to make the second movie -- after they get the Enterprise, that is. You know that's the money shot for the movie. They get the Enterprise at the end. Hope I didn't spoil it for anyone, but really -- I'm stunned at the gunshyness inherent in this discussion. It'll be a romp, which is exactly what I want out of a Kirk, Spock, and McCoy origin story. And if it sucks -- well, it's not going to torpedo the popularity of Classic Trek, now, is it? Every time they re-release the damn things on DVD they do well. So, in short, fie on your pessimism. If you really think this is the death knell of Trek, may I humbly suggest that you haven't watched enough episodes of Enterprise yet? -- Mark Finn

* * * * *

Look, I WANT it to be a good movie. But I will not, cannot say I'm a fan of Abrams. The guy's long on style and short on substance, a cleverer version of Michael Bey with better sleight-of-hand. Do I want him to pull it off? You betcha. Am I holding my breath? What do you think?

Lookit -- the BEST Star Trek movie of the last 20 years was a little film titled Master & Commander. The SECOND best Star Trek film was Galaxy Quest. Once you get to the third best film, you have ST: First Contact. That does not a good track record make, so I come by my skepticism honestly. -- Jayme Blaschke

* * * * *

Let's finish up here by viewing the lovely and amusing "William Shatner Lent Me His Hairpiece.."

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