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Foundation and the Independence Day Guy
Revolution News
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January 20, 2009

It's about time for someone to gut another Isaac Asimov book to make into a movie. It's been years since I, Robot. This time the book is Asimov's classic series Foundation and the director is Roland Emmerich, who directed Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow.

They won the movie rights at an auction. Also there: Fox and Warner, still sweaty from the Watchmen slap-fight, no doubt.

In the books, a smart guy (I mean intelligent, not sarcastic) predicts the fall of galactic civilization, within a few thousand years. He calls it "psychohistory" then sets out to reduce the amount of centuries everyone will be in a recession.

It's torn from the headlines except for the space part and the thousands of years part! At least, it hasn't been a thousand years yet.

Emmerich made Independence Day, and Day After Tomorrow and his 2012 is coming up. Maybe when he heard that it was classic science fiction, he assumed it had spaceships blowing up.

But ha ha, Emmerich. Foundation has people talking! Often! I tried to read it, and it defeated me. Helped me get to sleep, though.

It's science fiction about statistics. I would beg Emmerich to change stuff in it, but that would be wrong.

Just one giant tidal wave. That is all I ask.

The best news: Now only two degrees separate Isaac Asimov and Randy Quaid.

RevolutionSF's Joe Crowe has plenty of psycho history.

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