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Trailer Probe : Race to Witch Mountain, Monsters vs. Aliens
© Joe Crowe
February 02, 2009

Movies of geekity interest should be only two minutes long, because trailers for those movies make us laugh. They make us cry. They work so hard to make us happy.

Trailer Probe rates the geek explosion content, how much our cortex is combusted with a volley of geekitude, and dork disengagement level is reasons you won't dig it.

Race to Witch Mountain

Geek explosion content: The Rock is funny. The kids have powers. An alien hunter looks like Master Chief from Halo.

Dork disengagement level: I know not why Stormtroopers went to a UFO convention. If that joke is in there so normals wouldn't get weirded out by the term "sci-fi convention," then that is lame.

The Rock's line is OK. It's the UFO convention thing that I rebel against. Oh, The Rock. I can't stay mad at you.

Geek parts per million: 500,000. Needs more fighting.

Monsters vs. Aliens in 3-D

Geek explosion content: More funny stuff from the alien overlord, voiced by Rainn Wilson, the hee-larious Dwight from The Office. I like when funny people are funny.

Dork disengagement level: The whole 3-D thing didn't really work great on my TV.

Wait. Did I remember to wear the glasses?

"Set the terror level at code brown."

First poopie joke in a trailer in 2009! Ding ding ding ding woop woop woop. Ahem.

Geek parts per million: 500,000. Far less odd than the bottled water commercial with football players, lizards, and the movie cast. (It's still just water.)

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