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Trailer Probe : Land of the Lost
© Joe Crowe
February 03, 2009

Items of geekity interest should be only two minutes long, because trailers make us laugh. They make us cry. They work so hard to make us happy.

Trailer Probe rates the geek explosion content, how much our cortex is combusted with a volley of geekitude, and dork disengagement level is reasons you won't dig it.

Land of the Lost

Dork disengagement level: The 1970s Land of the Lost was a cool science fiction show, not a comedy.

If it had been a comedy, it would have been comedy like Sigmund and the Sea Monster was a comedy. Which is to say: Weird and off-putting.

I would like a cool Land of the Lost movie. I already have funny Will Ferrell movies. In today's trying economy, it's nice to see movie people managing their money better by combining two movies into one.

Next up: A 1960s period piece about an activist who gets murdered. They bury him at sea but the boat wrecks on Gilligan's Island.

Geek explosion content: The trailer is funny and the Land of the Lost scenes look neat. Not mind-bendingly awesome, but neat. I do like the paddling in the cave, because that reminds me sweetly of the original.

The trailer sells the concept. Nicely done. Even with Matt Lauer.

Is this a Ferrell movie or is it a Land of the Lost movie?

If it's Land of the Lost with a dab of Ferrell for seasoning, then I'm in.

If it's all Ferrell running in his underpants from dinosaurs, not so much.

But that may still be funny.

Geek explosion level: 550,000 geek parts per million. I'm leaning toward feeling positive? Am I still allowed to write on the Internet?

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