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RevolutionSF Newsblast : Warcraft, Robert Rodriguez, Superhero Squad, Kyle Piccolo
Revolution News
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February 20, 2009

RevolutionSF Newsblast is sci-fi news with value-added smartassery. Today's sponsor: Some wackadoo who really doesn't like George Lucas! That's some hardcore dislike right there. And I bet it itches.

Saving Energy While Not Doing Anything But Playing World of Warcraft

A Stanford professor has an idea to encourage World of Warcraft gamers to save energy. His plan: Give them in-game rewards for saving energy in the non-World of Warcraft world. Wherever that is.

One of his examples is doing less laundry. Mission accomplished. Where are my points?

New Robert Rodriguez Movie: Not Red Sonja

Dimension Fims announced Robert Rodriguez will do Nerverackers. What makes this announcement different from recent Rodriguez announcements is it says nothing about how hot his girlfriend Rose McGowan is.

The movie is a "futuristic action thriller" something something something not Red Sonja.

New Marvel Cartoon For Teeny Marvel Toys

Those precious Superhero Squad tiny Marvel figures will be a series on Cartoon Network. It's a cartoon based on a toy. That is so 80s, the theme song better be by Men Without Hats.

The heroes and villains aren't babies, the characters just look like kids. So unlike Baby Looney Tunes, no one will be in diapers. Missed dialogue opportunity: "Hulk smash potty." A shame, really.

Dragonball Movie Soundtrack Revealed!

I cannot wait to hear "I Dream of Chi Chi" and "Chasing Dragonballs."

Kyle Piccolo: Comic Shop Therapist Provides Fleeting Comedy

Well, this is just fun. It's a live-action sitcom based in a comic shop. It's only about two minutes out of your life. Unless you go to the archives, which I will proceed to do posthaste for I found the two minutes delightful.

"I know that point."

RevolutionSF's Joe Crowe is also not doing the dishes. What's the holdup on those points, World of Warcraft and crazy professor?

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