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Dead Like Me : Life After Death
Reviewed by Matt Cowger, © 2009

Format: TV
Genre:   Supernatural drama
Review Date:   March 05, 2009
RevSF Rating:   6/10 (What Is This?)

The series Dead Like Me never seemed to find its home or its place. It drifted between themes and characters and wanted to focus but didn’t. For the most part.

Ellen Muth locked the series to her through almost force of will. She made George Lass a wonderful, tough and lovable character. The show explored wanting to come home again, dealing with mortality, self definition, all in turns and all done well.

The show had a sense of humor about itself, and played with the audience as it played with its ideas. It assumed viewers were smart and had a good time. It just didn’t seem to know what it wanted to say. This is something that made me love it. I like shows (and the writers behind them) trying to figure themselves out; who they are, where they are, why.

But Dead never seemed to get there and that made me sad.

This movie attempts to answer that. Sort of. We have a replacement Daisy (Sarah Wynter replacing Laura Harris) and an absent Rube (Mandy Patinkin, who refused to reprise the role.) replaced by Cameron Kane (The kick-arse Henry Cusik, Desmond from Lost).

But changes aside the movie feels the same as the show. There are changes for all the characters. The end is amusing but also quiet and sad. Sort of like the show ended.

Ellen Muth made the show, as usual. She was again wonderful in her role, as were Callum Blue and Jasmine Guy.

I wanted a little more out of my Dead Like Me endgame movie, but this will do. For a show that kind of confuses me, I also kind of love it. This film is a good capstone on two seasons on Dead Like Me. Still, I want more. Step up, Ellen.

Heart of the Machine writer and RevSF tech guy Matt Cowger writes as KaosDevice. He is neither dead nor a teenage girl, from what we can tell.

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