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Wolverine and the X-Men
Reviewed by Joe Crowe, © 2009

Format: TV
By:   Greg Johnson, Craig Kyle, Chris Yost (writers)
Genre:   Superhero cartoon
Review Date:   April 24, 2009
RevSF Rating:   7/10 (What Is This?)

"Your kid is a mutant. Deal with it." -- Wolverine

Wolverine and the X-Men is an X-Men cartoon that finally puts Wolverine above the X-Men title where he belongs. And it finally brings stabbing to the Nickelodeon channel. (Or Nicktoons. Just search your TV thingie for it. It'll be there unless your cable stinks.) Sure, Wolverine is in a movie, so if one were to be a stick in the mud, one would grouse about merchandising. But I buy things that are merchandised. I'm all for whatever gets superheroes onto cartoons. This one is pretty good.

Wolverine is in it. A few episodes are mostly Wolverine, and he rules. He was a background character in the last X-cartoon, X-Men Evolution, and makes up for it here. He also says, "Who else wants some?" after beating up some bad guys. So that's in good fun.

The Hulk is in it. The series is written by the makers of Hulk Vs., a DVD cartoon where Hulk fights Wolverine and Thor. They know their superhero stuff. Hulk shows up in episode 8 for a rematch. Also in that one, Nick Fury looks like Lando Calrissian.

It's not X-Men Evolution. Some of the creators from that X-Men series work here, too. But they can stay, because all the X-Men's ages are correct this time. Well, most of them. Nobody's in high school, and there are no school dance episodes or mean jocks to pick on Cyclops. So far.

No Jean Grey or Professor X. Both disappear in the first three minutes of the first episode. That makes for good story conflict instead of the same old Jean Grey / Cyclops relationship stuff, and the same old Professor X ordering everyone around stuff. It leads to Emma Frost joining up, Wolverine taking charge, and Cyclops being a big whiner.

Cyclops is a big whiner. Jean is gone and that gives Cyclops something to do: Be miserable. The X-Men comics always tried to convince me Cyclops was cool, when I knew better. Here, he quits when Jean disappears. Now he wears a long coat and mopes around. Fun!

It's sort of up to date. The villain Nitro, who was responsible for the comic book storyline Civil War is on a really good episode where he blows up a lot. Like the superhero registration in recent comics, a mutant crackdown happens, with evil Senator Kelly and stormtroopers who make good ham-and-eggers for the heroes to beat up.

The supporting cast. A plethora of heroes and villains are scattered about, with not even one made up just for this show. I never like when they do that. There are only a half- bazillion Marvel characters. Making one up is lame.

Rogue. Southerners butcher the English in so many excellent ways that it always irked me when Rogue butchered it wrong. We don't say "sugah" or "y'alls." Her bad Southern accent here is not quite as terrible as in the 90s X-Men cartoon or the comic book, though.

The whole thing is pretty good. Especially the one where Nightcrawler fights pirates. Go watch it, y'alls!

Watch Wolverine and the X-Men online free right here show site. The first story arc is on a convenient DVD.

RevolutionSF's Joe Crowe wishes he looked like Lando Calrissian.

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