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Sci-Fi TV Not Canceled Yet : Fringe, Heroes, But Not Chuck Yet
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May 06, 2009

The Sci-Fi TV Not Canceled Yet update contains as much as we know about the cancellation or lack thereof of sci-fi TV shows. Proceed with caution.


Not canceled!!

Fox obviously wants to present itself as being in the J.J. Abrams Fan Club, since Abrams' movie with Star Trek in it is out this week, and Mr. Spock will be in Fringe and that.

One might assume that Fox would also want to get in the Terminator Fan Club, since that movie comes out this summer, too. Instead, no word on Sarah Connor Chronicles yet.

Fox won't announce which of its sci-fi shows it IS canceling yet. But when it does, I will be there with smarty pants on.

And here's something fun. A writer forced Anna Torv and Pacey to speculate on whether Peter and Olivia will hook up. But then the Fringe producer says, "They are actors. They don't know what's coming up."



Not canceled.

And NBC said they'll show Day One, which is like Jericho, but not canceled yet. .

Allegedly they will provide word on Chuck and other shows in a couple of weeks. Gives me time to work on my rage.

RevolutionSF's Joe Crowe knows he only uses one photo from Fringe whenever he writes about, but it's such a good one.

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