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Star Trek Movie : RevolutionSF Recall
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May 08, 2009

Star Trek survived the voyage from Voyager to the new movie. This timeline tracks our smarty- pantedness from then to now.

Star Trek: Nemesis The countdown to the new movie started with the concussions perpetrated on us by the previous one.

Goodbye to Rick Berman: Farewell to a scapegoat. It's raining Pop-Tarts!

JJ Abrams Takes the Conn Our news story when they announced the new movie with Hot Young Kirk and Brooding Young Spock.

New Spock: Zachary Quinto said, "I certainly intend to bring my own spin." Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

New Uhura: "Not a white dude."

New Scotty and Sulu: And Bruce Banner is the bad guy.

New Kirk and McCoy: Future yeller of "KHAAAAN" hired.

Spock's Mom: Heathers reference! 20 points!

Harlan Ellison vs. Star Trek.

The first trailer! Hey, it's a welder.

Movie delayed for six months. We freaked out a little.

More trailer! Oh, baby.

We saw the movie! "To Trekkers, Abrams strays slightly from accepted, well-chronicled lore. Not to worry."

RevolutionSF wishes movie popcorn cost less than 100 quatloos.

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