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Trailer Probe : Tron Legacy
© Joe Crowe
July 24, 2009

Trailer Probe watches sci-fi movie trailers to help you waste your computer time wisely.

Tron Legacy

Dork disengagement level: This trailer is not the length of the full movie. Let's see. Other bad parts. Jeff Bridges does not quote Big Lebowski.

That's about it.

Geek explosion content: Light cycles.

My eyeballs popped out of my noggin when I saw light cycles.

I choose to remember everything from the 80s as awesome. Even things that were clearly not. So something that really was awesome, such as Tron you can imagine, ranks even higher.

Hooray! Flynn is a sweaty hobo!

I go now to watch the light cycles again.

I have always believed this is what living inside a computer is truly like. In your face, Matrix!

Geek explosion level: 1 billion geek parts.

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