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RevolutionSF Contest : Best Things About The Apocalypse
© Joe Crowe
August 13, 2009

The movie 9 is an animated post-apocalypse quest movie produced by Tim Burton with music by Danny Elfman. 9 is a stitched-together guy, voiced by Elijah Wood, who leads his people on a post-apocalyptic adventure after machines stomp a mudhole in humans.

RevolutionSF gave away 9 movie swag to the funniest writers on this topic:

Best Things About The Apocalypse

5. Reduced lines at Disney World. (naguscook)

4. When big toothed bugs from another dimension chomp our faces off, it will be over for us so quickly, it's like ripping off a band-aid. (Colonel Isaac)

3. Finally, I can play Fallout 3 without being tied to my Xbox. (changer4508)

2. There will be fewer commercials featuring angst-ridden cavemen. On the other hand, there will be real, live cavemen more interested in eating you than selling you car insurance. (bessellieu)

1. When the dust settles, those X-Men comics that I didn't take very good care of will be GOLD. (Martin Baxter)

They Won This

The official movie soundtrack, including music by Danny Elfman. Also included: A 9 movie book, a mini-poster, and trading cards with the entire cast.

Check out the trailer. For more movie stuff go to 9 Experiment.

Thanks to Focus Features and Big Honcho Media.

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