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Sci-Fi Remake Newsblast : The Big List
© Joe Crowe
August 21, 2009

Sci-Fi Remake Central investigates and prosecutes remakes of sci-fi movies and TV shows. Here is our master list of RevSf stories about sci-fi remakes, including the .0001 percent that really got made.

We'll update it with the most recent remake announcements as they are inflicted on us. Look on this list and tremble.

Predators, Sin City 2, Scream

"It's kind of a thought process."

Excalibur, Battlestar Galactica, Yellow Submarine

Bryan Singer is busy not working on two remakes.


It's like High Noon in space, if you never saw High Noon or space.

Harvey, Captain Blood, Alien, King Kong, Nimh

"There will likely be no clever cameos by cast members of the 1950 movie, since all of them are dead."

Fear the imaginary giant bunny.

Predator, Alien, Videodrome, Odysseus

"Do we really need another Alien? Duh, yes."

Green Hornet, V, Tomb Raider

"The two Tomb Raider movies with Angelina Jolie made over $500 million, even though no one will admit they saw them."

Tron, Prisoner, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Magneto vs. Jesus!

Clash of Titans, Killer Tomatoes, Day the Earth Stood Still

"Harlan Ellison said, without being asked, that remaking Day the Earth Stood Still is 'bloody medieval.'"

Here's the RevSF review of The Day The Earth Stood Still.

Red Sonja

"Dude, we get it. Your girlfriend is good-lookin'."

Clash of Titans

Was it not Ammon himself who said, "Yer gonna eat lightnin' and crap thunder."?


"Really it's just silly, not porn."

Here's a follow-up on Robert Rodriguez bailing out, and another follow-up on someone else trying. People just love that Barbarella.

Six Million Dollar Man

We're glad Andre the Giant did not live to see this.

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