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Trailer Probe : Avatar
© Joe Crowe
August 26, 2009

Trailer Probe analyzes and dissertates on sci-fi movie trailers to help you waste your computer time wisely.


Dork disengagement level: It's like an 80s cartoon, but with really good animation. It reminds me of Sectaurs. this clip Tell me I'm right, for I maintain that I am.

The people from the fantasy planet are blue elves mixed with alpacas. I do not want to hear how that happened.

Humans are boring. I wanted to stay in Alpaca-Man Land instead of being on the military base. I hope the movie has more blue alpaca people time and not so much people time.

The blue elf / alpaca when we first see him in the tube has a sweet mullet, but at the end of the trailer, the elves have cornrows. I demand they go back to the mullet.

Geek explosion content: I'm just glad James Cameron isn't doing another movie where a girl lets her boyfriend drown. This may indeed happen in Avatar, but the trailer shows no signs of it.

Riding a flying dragon = metal.

All barbarians should wear bamboo loincloths and / or bikinis.

There is crying in this trailer. Ordinarily I am anti-crying. But in a fantasy movie, it's OK, because usually tears from fantasy folk are magical and bring people back to life.

"This is great," the human says, after he transforms into an 8-foot tall elf. You are correct. It is great.

Geek explosion level: 700,000 geek parts per million.

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