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RevolutionSF Newsblast : Star Trek, Eastwood, Ridley Scott, DC
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe and Jay Willson
September 18, 2009

RevolutionSF Newsblast features value-added sci-fi smartassery. Today's sponsor: Fantastic Film Festival from Sept. 17-20 in Seattle. If you are in Seattle, now there's something else to do besides get fish thrown at you! (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Hereafter: Clint Eastwood and Matt Damon Do Something

Clint Eastwood will direct Matt Damon in something called Hereafter. The Variety story says it's a "thriller in the vein of Sixth Sense. That's just lazy. They say that about all thrillers. No one ever says it's a thriller in the vein of Mansquito. But they should, because it had a half man, half-mosquito.

DC Comics Gets Personnel Adjustment

Remember when the big news was that Disney was buying Marvel Comics' Not to be outdone, DC Comics and their owners Warner dropped a big bomb of their own. Diane Nelson, the former president of Warner Premiere and Warner representative for Harry Potter, is president of the newly formed DC Entertainment. Paul Levitz, longtime president and publisher, will step down and return to his 1980s job of writing Legion of Superheroes.

Nelson stated: “The founding of DC Entertainment fully recognizes our desire to provide both the DC properties and fans the type of content that is only possible through a concerted cross-company, multi-platform effort.” Whatever the hell that means.

It seems Warner finally figured out its strongest asset lies at DC. Now they may no longer be a meager player in the Warner conglomeration. This is a great move for DC on film, as the creators and editorial side will have more say in how characters are portrayed. What does this all really mean? No more chance of a Sugar and Spike revival? -- Jay Willson

Star Trek Nemesis Writer Does Something With Vampires

I know movie people announce stuff early, but this is awesome.

John Logan, who wrote Gladiator and the Star Trek Nemesis, is adapting a book that is not out yet for a director that may not direct it. The book is The Passage, and Ridley Scott will "potentially direct" it. Which means he also potentially will not. It's about vampires, so we all love those. Good job, Hollywood!

Next Star Trek Movie Goes Badly

JJ Abrams and the writers of the new Star Trek movie are working on the next one. Robert Orci says "fan response" said "Make sure the next one deals with modern day issues."

The fan who responded: Lame O. McBoringAss, who wants to ruin everything by making it realistic.

RevolutionSF's Joe Crowe will potentially have a byline on this story.

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