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Video Probe: Transformers
© Joe Crowe
October 14, 2009

Video Probe finds videos on the Internets that you will like. Nothing says rock like an singer from the 1980s covering his own song in 2009 Linkin Park-style.

Transformers: "The Touch" 2009 Version

Dork disengagement level: Stan Bush sang "The Touch" in the original Transformers movie cartoon. It ruled.

Bush did a new version that did not make it into the Transformers movie. But you can buy it on iTunes!

Maybe this version is in the movie somewhere. I don't really remember anything about it besides the robot balls.

Geek explosion content: I really like the heavy emotion from Stan Bush and his band. Stan really sells it by looking down, then looking up.

But why is that guy with the guitar grinning? Probably because he just played "The Touch."

Bonus: White rappers!

Here is Stan Bush doing the original. His hair is awesome.

It's still "The Touch," so it's super excellent. I'm glad Stan Bush did his own new version, instead of someone else covering it. Like, say, Marky Mark.

Warning: This man has The Touch.

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