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Dollhouse Bad News, Slightly Less Bad News
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October 22, 2009

Dollhouse will go on a break in November during sweeps month, the TV-business jargon time when networks really, really try to get people to watch their shows so they can charge more for ads during them.

Then starting in December, Fox will show the remaining episodes they ordered for season 2.

In other words, Fox is is pretty much kicking Dollhouse to the curb. Otherwise, they would air the show during the critical time.

It's doing well in DVR ratings. And you can watch it free on the Interwebs. They rate those, too, in some arcane manner that still doesn't result in shows getting not canceled.

Lessons we learn from this:

If Fox really wants a show to do well, they should stop running it on Friday night. They have six other nights. Let this one go.

If Joss Whedon really wants a show to do well, he should stop selling them to Fox. There are a zillion cable networks. Let this one go.

It's not canceled until it's canceled. In the meantime, watch the show. Download paper dolls and Virtual Echo at the Wiki site. Think naughty thoughts while looking at the Eliza Dushku photo galleries. Admire her acting. Whatever.

Unless you don't like it. Then don't do as much of that.

RevolutionSF's Joe Crowe is not a licensed therapist.

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