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Eastwick Canceled, Some Fans Upset, Maybe
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November 12, 2009

Eastwick, the show about witches starring Rebecca Romijn, is canceled. Given the ol' heave-ho. Put out to pasture. Made like Rebecca Romijn in X-Men 2 when she turned into Jean Grey and tried to make the sex with Wolverine, but he saw through it and stabbed her in the belly with his claws.

First Reaper and now this. This economy is terrible. Even Satan can't keep a steady gig.

Here's the RevolutionSF review. And the whole canceled show will probably be on DVD fairly soon. At least you don't have to go to a grimy corner of a sci-fi convention to get a bootleg copy. Unless you just want to.

Maggie Friedman, the show's producer said, "I’m pretty furious, too. None of us can believe this is really happening."

Yeah! I mean, it's not like the show is on Fox.

Later, Friedman retracted saying "furious". Now she says she is just "sad."

What that means is, she believes her bosses at ABC will not hire her again if she appears to be an enraged psycho.

The worst part is ABC dropped it so fast that the already-filmed last episode will not wrap up the series.

“We do not get a chance to wrap things up in a bow. Which is killing me."

One weird thing. I have not found an Eastwick fan site! Not one. Every sci-fi-ish show gets gaggles of organized fans. Even terrible shows get fan sites.

There is not even a fan-organized Save Eastwick campaign to send something silly to ABC executives like the Jericho fans and their nuts.

Sure, maybe fans are too busy with Dollhouse campaigns. But you saw that one coming. It's too easy.

Here's an idea. Send devil's food cake. I thought of that in about a second.

I just feel terrible for all the gorgeous actresses on the show! It is so hard for a beautiful woman to find work in Hollywood.

RevolutionSF's Joe Crowe apparently has to do everything for [Insert Canceled Show Here].

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