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Michael Moorcock + Doctor Who = Awesome
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
November 30, 2009

The Elric guy is going to write a Doctor Who book. Now some Who fans done lost they damn minds.

(That's really how I talk.)

Michael Moorcock revealed on his site that he's doing it, and it should be out by next Christmas.

He said, "Should be fun." Well, yeah it will. Doctor Who is way-out fantasy stuff. Moorcock writes that stuff, such as "Breakfast in the Ruins, which appears here on RevolutionSF.

Moorcock wrote about how much he likes Doctor Who. He said, "both comedy and SF depend on compression and exaggeration and are very often entertaining when combined." He said the modern-day Who people get it.

But apparently some folks got a yellowjacket in their underpants about it, so Moorcock defended himself.

He said some fans are suspicious of him like they used to be when non-SF writers did SF stuff.

Suspicious. Of Michael Moorcock.

Do these people know he already writes science fictiony things, and has written such things for a bazillion years? These same people are mad at the Muppets for doing new funny music videos.

RevolutionSF's Joe Crowe wishes he was reading Elric right now. Hang on a second. Now he is!

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