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Trailer Probe : The Sorcerer`s Apprentice
© Joe Crowe
December 10, 2009

Trailer Probe watches movie trailers to help you waste your computer time wisely. Geek explosion content is reasons you will like it, dork disengagement level is reasons you won't.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Dork disengagement level: It's a Jerry Bruckheimer movie. If you do not want to see things blow up, here's your warning.

RevSF covered this story in RevolutionSF Newsblast.

This is a a non-cartoon version of the part of the movie Fantasia where Mickey Mouse had wacky hijinks when the wizard wasn't looking. In the movie, the wizard is Nicolas Cage, and Mickey Mouse is Jay Baruchel.

His name is not Mickey in the movie, nor does he have a tail or wear white gloves, but we know the truth. RevolutionSF stands by its outrage.

Geek explosion content: "I'm a what?"

I don't remember an iron bird in Fantasia. I wish there was an iron bird in Fantasia.

I consider this trailer a warning against wearing the dragon jewelry you find in booths at conventions.

Nicolas Cage appears to be in full-on crazy mode. Even if the movie is terrible, we can count on Crazy Nicolas Cage to help us out with some googly eyes or some weird hair. In the trailer he has both!

Stuff indeed blows up quite well. My favorite part is Nicolas Cage holding a ball of blue lightning. He probably can really do that.

Geek explosion level: 800,000 geek parts per million.

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