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Trailer Probe : Alice in Wonderland
© Joe Crowe
December 16, 2009

Trailer Probe watches movie trailers to help you waste your computer time wisely.

Alice in Wonderland

Dork disengagement level: Eeeeyaaagh! Helena Bonham Carter's head is larger than usual!

Now Alice is a sprightly maiden, not a precocious youngster. That makes me feel weird.

Now the rabbit looks like a real rabbit, except he's wearing a jacket. Put some pants on that rabbit.

Geek explosion content: "I need a pig here!"

So it's a sequel to the original story that we are familiar with from the Disney cartoon and the Jefferson Airplane song.

Anne Hathaway really needs to get some sun.

A Tim Burton movie with no Danny Elfman "la la la" soundtrack is like corn flake without the milk.

Of all the movies where a girl falls in a hole, this one may be the best.

Geek explosion level: 800,000 geek parts per million.

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