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Trailer Probe : Clash of the Titans
© Joe Crowe
December 17, 2009

Trailer Probe reviews nerd-related trailers. Geek explosion content is reasons you will like it, dork disengagement level is why you won't. Use this handy guide when you should be working.

Clash of the Titans

Dork disengagement level: No Bubo. I don't see Bubo, the robot owl. This hurts me.

There is something to be said about Ray Harryhausen monsters from the original. That something is: "They are awesome." This one has fancy effects monsters. But will they move in jerky slow motion? Will they?

So Perseus wears armor now. Too good to wear a toga, I see. It won't be easy to show off bouncing chest muscles and ripped abs under all that stuff.

Geek explosion content: Dig the sweet silver armor on Liam Neeson! It's what all the trendy gods are wearing.

Let's try to get through this one step at a time.


Giant scorpion!

Lady talking smack!

Liam Neeson in sweet silver armor!

Liam Neeson in dirty armor? Now he looks like Pigpen.

"They need to be reminded of the old Earth things." -- Zeus

Yeah! Give us hell, Zeus!

Guy falling in dirt!

Liam Neeson being sassy!

Flying lizard!

Watch out for that snake!

Profound old guy on boat!

Mentor says "You are not just a man." That's kind of gross.

Yay! The statue falls like in the original!

It's an Uruk-Hai from Lord of the Rings.

Running downhill is so very dangerous.


Punch armrest!

Run! Fall! Scorpion again!


Sweet, sweet Kraken.

Geek explosion level: 850,000 geek parts per million pre-Kraken. Add Kraken: 1 billion.

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