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Lost Thoughts : LA X
© Peggy Hailey and Mark Finn
February 09, 2010

RevolutionSF's Peggy Hailey and Mark Finn watch Lost. Then they collate and expurgate. Peggy is in regular type because her first names comes first if you go alphabetically backwards.

Peggy: Lost is back for its final hoorah, and I am firmly along for the ride. I still have my doubts about Demon & Curse (Lindelhof and Cuse), but even if Lost is ultimately unsatisfying, I've had so much fun with it over the years that I can't be too disappointed.

Mark: You know what? Me, either. It HAS been fun, and I don't quite know if they are going to stick the dismount or not, but I've used my brain more on this show than any other, save, maybe, Battlestar Galactica. Television that engages. Who knew?

Peggy: We're starting off well, with a Schroedinger's Cat scenario: after the big white flash that ended last season, the storyline until now both has and hasn't happened. Along with the aftermath of Jack & Daniel's h-bomb experiment, wherein our Losties moved forward to 2007 and now exist with the rest of the Ajira folks, we have the what if: what if Oceanic 815 never crashed? What would be the same? What would be different? How would these same characters interact with one another when survival wasn't an issue? Until someone opens the box, these folks exist in both realities.

Mark: this is the crux of quantum theories of time travel. As soon as you make one decision (go left, say), you automatically create a parallel universe in which you go right instead. Since all of the "flashes" to date have had a meaningful intersection with the main plot, it will be very interesting to see how it all comes together. My theory is that as each person fixes whatever they need to fix on the island, their alternate reality will change along with it.

Peggy: The island plot is the heart of our Jacob/Esau struggle. Is Jacob really dead? What's up with all the Jesus-imagery in Sayid's resurrection? Is it really Sayid, or someone else, and if it's someone else, who is it and what are their intentions? If the black powder repels Smokey, was Jacob trapped in the cabin or was it Esau/Smokey? Who, exactly, has been talking to people from that cabin?

In that Lost Last Supper promo, Sayid was Judas. I'm just sayin'.

You gonna eat that?

Mark: I think Esau McSmokey has been the one inhabiting all of the dead bodies all this time. It makes Claire's creepy late season appearance last year more ominous. And yet it was omitted from the "Story up to now" flashback special.

I think Sayid is now Jacob, and we haven't seen Jacob do the Meat-suit trick because, up until now, he hasn't needed to. Sayid is now doubly-cool, if that's the case. Now he can kill with his bare hands, and then bring them back to life! A torturer's delight.

Peggy: Seeing old friends Boone, Arzt, and Frogurt was almost as much fun as the subtle differences between the flight in "LA X" and in "Pilot." Why did Jin switch watches? Why was Sun addressed as Mrs. Paik, rather than Mrs. Kwon' What was Desmond doing there?

Where were Michael and WAAAAAAAAAALT? And, as delightful as it was to see the Dharma shark again, what's with the underwater island?

Mark: I noticed that Shannon was absent, and her story was different. Also: in the past, Jack and Desmond met while they were running at the stadium, and here they apparently haven't. Or had they? Desmond-Brother seems to think not.

So, clearly in this other reality, some other yes-no switches have been flipped. It's nice to know that Kate brings her drama with her wherever she goes. Kidnapping the preggo Claire. What is she thinking? Oh, that's right, she never thinks. Burns me up, I tell ya.

I was under the impression that the island underwater was, in fact, the ISLAND. If there was a bomb detonation in the seventies, then the island smashed up and was never there when the Losties fly over that space in 2004.

When we first see it, we're in the "Flash." Jack looks out his window, and we zoom down under the water, to see that the island is gone.

Peggy: It wasn't all good. Showing Juliet's agonizing death, then bringing her back in order for her to die slowly and in even more pain was a waste. Sawyer kicking Jack in the head, however, was particularly delightful.

Hurley's confidence was nice to see, and I only hope he doesn't turn out to have been made a fool of.

Mark: Yeah, bringing Juliet back simply to say, "It worked," kinda stunk. Confident Hurley was indeed a nice final act on his character arc. And speaking of arcs, Sawyer has had the best one over the course of the series. Now, at the end, when his happy ending has been taken away, he's back to the dangerous guy he was at the beginning. It looks like they are resetting some of the characters to their starting positions.

Here's what's funny: I have more sympathy for Flash-Jack than Island Jack. And far less sympathy for Flash-Kate than Island Kate. If only we could get those crazy kids together so that they can be out of everyone's hair.

My prediction for this season: The Losties will have to team up with the Others to fight Easu, who will use Widmore as his muscle. The death count will rise. I'm expecting Hurley to die, and also Kate. She can eat it without much fan-damage. It will still come down to Jack vs. Locke. Don't know why it feels that way. Maybe just five years of constant tension between the two. Wouldn't it be great if, at the end, there was no one left alive on the island except Ben? They could just pull back from him until the island disappears into the blue and then Boom! LOST. It's gonna be a great ride!

Peggy Hailey is RevolutionSF's books lady and Mark Finn is our editor at large lady.

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