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Lost Thoughts : What Kate Does
© Peggy Hailey
February 15, 2010

From the folks who brought you the scintillating question, "Hey, what's the deal with Jack's tattoo?" comes this meditation on Kate. "What Kate Does," apparently, is annoy the ever-loving poo out of me and bring the show to a painful standstill.


Remember last week, when Smokey was on a spree, Richard got clocked, fireworks went off, the plane didn't crash, Jack saved Ungrateful Charlie, the airline lost a dead body, Kate kicked The Worst! Marshal! Ever!'s ass, Juliet died 17 times, and the templars were running around in a high state of classic 3 Stooges busywork?

Whyinhell does everyone have time for long, evasive chats that go nowhere at the temple now? How is it that Kate has time for a scenic tour of LA in the midst of her jailbreak?

It's cute and all, I suppose, that Claire and Kate are all bondy over Aaron in the alternate reality as they were in the original. And perhaps we're supposed to read some bleed-through between the timelines which causes these characters to instinctively trust one another even in a thoroughly ridiculous situation involving kidnapping at gunpoint, adoptive parents who don't call the teen in Australia to tell her "never mind," and early labor.

(A sidenote: Ethan! Squeeee! And heh to the needles line.)

I am also amused to see that, had Kate not been such a raging bee-yotch to Jin, she would have found the person she supposedly came back for.

I am so over the Love Quadrangle of Doom that I am willing to see Sawyer die if it means Jack & Kate go, too.

They're clearly making a comparison between whatever-the-hell Claire is now and Rousseau, but I don't quite see how it scans, yet. Rousseau wasn't "infected," her crew was (unless they're retconning the bejabbers out of that storyline), so even though Claire has now inherited the Unkempt Island Hair of Craziness (along with a rifle, tracking skills, and Rousseau's Other Trapping 101 textbook), I'm missing the parallel. Gods, but I miss that crazy frenchwoman.

Unlike Season 2's "What Kate Did," where we found out that Kate blowed up her evil step-daddy (who was her real daddy) real good, here we don't know what she did, or even if she did anything to be pursued by The Worst! Marshal! Ever! (although her dodge of the question is suspicious). All we have is a faux America's Most Wanted show that says Kate intended to blow up her daddy, but instead blowed up his assistant real good that may or may not be canon.

So where are we headed, here? Is Claire, in fact, Sith now, as they've implied by showing her hanging out with her no-account daddy? Or is she, like Rousseau, immune but paranoid about those who kidnapped her, stuck her with big needles, and tried to steal her baby? Will Kate ever emerge from the influence of the magic plot water that makes her "right" or "good," no matter what she's actually done?

Would Sayid dying be bad even if he hadn't been dunked in the dirty hot tub? If you were a cult of crazy hippie people on a magic island that asked "how high?" every time your leader said "jump," wouldn't you want to question the guy who said he was dead, instead of the pouty doctor-guy making moony-eyes at Our Lady of Magic Plot Water? (thanks, TWOPers!)

Please, Lost by all that is holy or unholy, however you roll, stop with the Kate-centric episodes and move things along.

(Here is Kate's proper and deserved induction to our Hall of Lame)

Some days, RevSF books editor Peggy Hailey just can't lose a dead body.

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