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Lost Thoughts : The Substitute
© Peggy Hailey and Mark Finn
February 18, 2010

In which Peggy Hailey (in italics) and Mark Finn (not in italics) try to wrap their fragile little minds around the latest episode of Lost.

Peggy Hailey: Now that, my friends, is an episode of Lost.

Mark Finn: Here here! As they taketh away with Kate-Nonsense, so do they giveth whenever Locke is present.

PH: Loved the SmokeyCam (especially the reflection in the window). Loved Sawyer's matter of fact recognition of and total apathy about Locke not being Locke. Loved Alterna-Locke planning his wedding with Peg Bundy and able to laugh at himself. Loved Locke and Hurley (especially "Lucky" Hugo's hummer saved from a ding by Locke's malfunctioning ramp). Loved Rose. Loved prissy European History teacher Ben. Loved terrified Richard. Loved the Cave of Sounds Like Answers, But Not Really. But mostly I loved the Weirdest Damn Funeral Ever, which both Ben and Frank made noteworthy.

MF: For just a second, I thought to myself, Hey, this Locke is way different. But, of course, we see that he is not so different after all. And yet. I've got a thought about these "Flash-Sideways" incidents. Scroll down.

PH: Will do, but before that, a thought: Ilana says that un-Locke is now stuck in that form (other than when he goes all tall, dark, and Smokey). We don't know why, but we do know he knows Locke's thoughts, up until the moment of his death. Is there still enough "Locke" in there to influence un-Locke? Presumably he's physically vulnerable while in human form. Could he be mentally vulnerable, too? It would be a neat way for Locke to win, even though Dead is Dead.

I don't necessarily believe that Jacob is "good" and un-Locke is "bad," but I don't trust a word out of un-Locke's mouth, especially about that being Jacob's cave. The biggest reveal in the names was a name that seemed to be missing: Kate. Even Jacob thinks Kate is useless. Heh.

MF: I caught that, too! She is doomed to repeat this show, I swear to god. Run run run and never getting nowhere.

PH: Other cave-name questions: which "Shepard" is it? Yeah, I know, Lost Demon 'n Curse Lindelof 'n Cuse have big ol' boy-crushes on Jack, and he certainly makes the most sense (as much as that irks me personally). But technically, it could be Christian. Which "Kwon" is it? Jacob appeared to both, and touched both at the same time. Jin has time-traveled like everyone else on the list, Sun has not. The chick at the airport called Sun Ms. Paik, which, while technically correct now seems more >significant. Or the mysterious Kwon could be Ji-Yeon, although how the hell she'll get there and rule the island as a toddler I have no idea.

MF: I buy that the names in question (along with the numbers -- hello!) referred to Jack, and both Jin and Sun. Of course, we still really don't have any answers, now, do we. Just a cave with names and numbers. I know they are working on it, but jeez, Louise.

PH: Other thoughts: Is Sawyer being played by un-Locke, or is he playing un-Locke for information? Is the island special in and of itself, or because it's Esau's prison, keeping him from running amok in the world? Is that weird blond kid Jacob reborn? 'Cause as impossible as it seems, he sure looked like Claire, and Aaron is supposedly important to the island.

MF: I think Sawyer is on Team Locke until he can pull a fast one. This is pissed off, scheming Sawyer, and remember: he is dangerous in this state. I think the Island is special because it's Esau's prison. It's the specialness that keeps him here. Yes, the weird blond kid is Jacob reborn and maybe Aaron, too. But wasn't Baby Aaron off the island?

PH: Yes, Aaron is back in the real world living with Grandma as far as we know (at least in this reality), so it would take some massive twisty things like, oh, I don't know, Ben's Magic Box to get him to that age and on the island. But DAMN that kid looked like Claire.

MF: After watching Kate get absolutely NOWHERE last week, and considering all of the Buddhistness going on in the show, this is my thought: The Flash Sideways are, in fact, everyone going on to their "Next Life" or "Great Rewards" or "Bifurcating divergences" or what-have-you. I think that, one by one, as people complete tasks and die on the island, they will flash up into and merge with their "sideways" counterparts. Some of them are still struggling (KATE!), but we so far haven't seen Sawyer (smiling and looking very content) since he got on the elevator in the season opener. Jack, too, and Locke seem pretty content with their place. Where they are supposed to be. That's my take on why the sudden divergence in time. When Juliet said, "It worked," that's what she meant.

PH: Possible. I agree that the people we've seen seem more content with their lot in life, even when said lot isn't really an improvement (like Rose and her cancer). It certainly makes more sense than the notion that the alt-verse is just what happened if the plane never crashed. Too many differences to just accept that at face value, especially with, say, Ben or Desmond. Many more things would have to have changed for Ben to survive, be off the island, and become a prissy history teacher or Desmond to be on 815 in the first place.

MF: I love this show.

PH: Amen, brother. I look forward to discussing the show almost as much as I look forward to watching it every week.

Mark is totally pleased that his initials are MF, and Peggy loves that her initials are used to determine acidity.

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