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RevolutionSF Watercooler : Wolfman Ripped Off Twilight
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February 19, 2010

At the fictional RevolutionSF Watercooler, we discuss the most important nerdy topics affecting our nerdy lives. Namely, a letter from a fan about how the Wolfman movie ripped off Twilight.

That's right. A Twilight fan wrote to the site Latino Review, and said Wolfman ripped it off. 'Tis a joy to behold.

* * * * *

Un-filking-believable. Any wonder why I can't take Twilight seriously? -- Rick Klaw

* * * * *

Awesome. -- Dave Farnell.

* * * * *

As much as I want that letter to be a fake, I just know it's real. Werewolves and Vampires as teenage flights of fancy is just wrong, and this shows why. As well as revealing an ignorance of their mythological roots ("How is a silver bullet supposed to kill a werewolf?"). I don't know if the kid should be slapped, strapped into a chair for a marathon of classic horror flicks, or both. -- Gary Mitchel

* * * * *

I vote for both. -- Rick Klaw

* * * * *

This reminds me of when I saw the trailer for The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe at a local theater. College Boy beside me announced they were ripping off Lord of the Rings. I had to repress the urge to beat him to death with the armrest.

The problem is we have a generation of casual sci-fi fans. They consume the movies and video games, but know nothing of the origins. These would be the same crowd that accuse Jane Austen of ripping off Candace Bushnell.

The best we can hope for is that Twilightand Harry Potter and Iron Man will be a gateway drug for rabid fans. That they get into nerdy stuff by exploring other works and learning why silver bullets kill werewolves. -- Deanna Toxopeus

* * * * *

I can just as easily imagine someone writing a letter about how the Lord of the Rings movies ripped off of Harry Potter, or, if they made (yet another) adaptation of Treasure Island, that Treasure Island ripped off Pirates of the Caribbean. But in itself doesn't make Potter or Pirates a bad idea.

Like most kids, she thinks that, because it's new to her, it's actually new. Which adults do too. As much as I love love love Battlestar Galactica, it makes me laugh that fans and people involved with the creation of the show are constantly say, "This is really the first time a sci-fi show has done [blank]." My response is almost always , "No, Babylon 5, Deep Space Nine, Farscape, or Firefly (or all four) did [blank] before BSG." It also reminds me of a James Bond television special, where pretty much every Bond girl actress said, "[the character I played] was the first really strong Bond girl."

I have a relative (age 15) who is into Twilight. We gave her the first season of Buffy, to no avail. My brother-in-law has made it his personal mission to break her of Twilight, trying to bribe her into saying "Twilight sucks", and buying her the first season of True Blood. Hurray for giving depictions of erotic asphyxiation to minors!.

But I figure, like it or not, Twilight is her Lost Boys, her Anne Rice, her Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Hopefully it'll be a gateway drug, but if it really only appeals to her because of the *hawt* guys and smooching, then no big loss to the ranks of fandom. Werner Herzog, F.W. Murnau and Tod Browning will have to soldier on without her.

Meantime, if I'm willing to talk to her about Twilight, instead of beating on something she loves, she'll be more likely to read the Anne Rice books I buy her next year. -- Jason Myers

* * * * *

* * * * *

Damn. Why didn't Joe Crowe come up with this first? For shame, Joe. Reality put one over on your mocking sarcasm! -- Jayme Blaschke

* * * * *

Trust me, I feel terrible about it. -- Joe Crowe

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