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Lost Thoughts: The Lighthouse
© Mark Finn and Peggy Hailey
February 26, 2010

In which Peggy Hailey (in italics) and Mark Finn (not in italics) try to wrap their fragile little minds around the latest episode of Lost.

Peggy Hailey: How many enormous-yet-never-seen-before structures still lurk on this island? Was it always there and nobody noticed it, or is it more like Jacob's cabin: you can only find it if you have help?

Mark Finn: Yes. This is called Coincidental Architectural Island Planning and it's particularly useful when you have 15 million rabid fans trawling through every digital frame of your series over the last six years to try and piece things together. If they hadn't floated that "I guess we weren't looking for it, Dude" explanation out there, the Interwebs would have essploded.

PH: I still think Esau is bad, but I'm becoming less and less convinced that Jacob is good. He really seems like an "ends justify the means" kind of guy.

MF: To me, this is that Light and Darkness, two sides of the same coin kind of thing. He's been manipulative, sure, but not malicious. Well, not to anyone but Jack, whom he continues to torture by setting him up and knocking him down.

PH: I'm not convinced. Would the Losties have been the same broken people that we first met if Jacob hadn't "touched" them? Would Kate be the same if she had had to face the consequences of that early shoplifting instead of Jacob letting her off the hook? Would child Sawyer have grown up to be a con-man and murderer if he had had some time to cool off before writing that letter that kept him on his path of revenge? Would Sayid have turned assassin if he hadn't watched Nadia die right in front of him? There may yet be a "greater good," but Jacob's hands are not clean in this.

MF: Speaking of which:

PH: Unsurprisingly, the return of the notion that Jack has a special destiny (all hail Jacksus) coincides with the return of Jack-ass. Heaven forfend we should look to see what appears in the mirror for everyone else. It's much more important that you have a tantrum and break it because you're somehow surprised that someone on the island (in this case a ghost who isn't even there) won't give you answers.

MF: As much as Jack pisses me off, one thing you have to give him credit for: he is stubbornly the most consistent as a character. Just when you think he's going to figure something else about himself, blammo! Mirrors get smashed and oceans get stared at. Jacob seems to take it all in stride, of course. I think it's because he's been there. But OH GOD, how irritating it is to watch Jack's personal journey up his own asshole.

PH: The name beside 108 was Wallace. Any guesses? And speaking of the numbers, Kate finally appears, but not as one of THE numbers (she's 51). The lovely posters at TWOP have pointed out that, of the numbers remaining, only Jack's number, 23, is a prime. If I wasn't so convinced that Demon & Curse want Jacksus to win, I would wounder if we saw the house Jack grew up in because Jacob was watching Christian, not Jack.

MF: Wallace. None come to mind. I missed the Kate name on the dial, I was too busy looking at the lovely cool lighthouse. I'm thinking now that maybe Jacob was watching both Jack and Christian, and they may in turn be the new Jacob and Esau. IF this is an Egyptian styled thing or Indian, or even Buddhist, then that father and son dynamic could be a component.

PH: This being Lost and all, it always comes down to that, doesn't it? TWOPper NoWillToResist said it best: "I think Jack's daddy issues might be important in the show. I'm not sure, though, because Lost is being really [filking] subtle about it."

MF: I agree. I think it's father/son dynamics that are going to end up defining this conflict when all is said and done. The big meta-conflict, not every single characters personal story, save Rose and Bernard.

PH: That we know of.

And speaking of Christian, let's discuss Feral Claire, shall we? She says that two people told her that the Templars had Aaron: her father and her friend. Is Christian a separate entity from un-Locke, or was that just when he wasn't locked into one appearance? Didn't Frank and Sun see Christian while Esau was in Locke-form? Was the death of Jacob what made Esau unable to change his appearance, or did that happen earlier?

MF: I think that Smokey has been ALL of the dead people we've seen on the island to date. Ben saw Christian, too, when he turned the mule-wheel. Not sure exactly WHY Locke is the locked in form, now, but there's two people outright, Sawyer and Claire, who see right through him, so it's a pretty piss-poor disguise, if you ask me.

PH: Locke saw Christian, but did Ben? And yeah, when Locke saw him, it could easily have been Smokey. But Smokey was already in his un-Locke disguise when Sun and Frank saw him. The question is really when he got locked into that form.

MF: Feral Claire was cool. Made me realize how much I missed Danielle. It will be interesting to see how Jin deals with Smokey and Feral Claire. Now, what are the odds that we won't be seeing THAT next week?

PH: There are some nice parallels between Claire and Danielle, but it's the differences that really stand out: Claire thinks the Others took her baby/they really did take Danielle's baby; Claire is friends with Smokey/Danielle hated and feared Smokey; Danielle was stretched too the breaking point/Claire is broken.

The Alice in Wonderland references were fast and furious, from David actually reading the book, to lots of looking glass references, to David's mom hiding her door key under a rabbit.

MF: Oooh, yeah, but consider this: it may have just been because of the Lighthouse and the mirrors that the Alice references are in there. If the mirrors point to the real world, then it's just what we think it is.

But if the mirrors point to the Sideways-verse . . . then there will likely be ANOTHER set of mirrors on the island, in another undiscovered building, that they have to spend one whole show trekking to . . . I'm starting to get a handle on their patterns.

PH: We now know that the alt-verse is not just "the plane landed instead of crashing." Too many differences. We're still getting bleed-through, though, like the appendix scar, so the 'verses are closely connected. Who do you suppose David's mother is? Is she off screen because it doesn't matter, or because they're setting us up for a big reveal, like, say, Juliet?

MF:I think David's mom largely doesn't matter. I just assumed that it was Jack's actual ex-wife.

PH: It could be, but even if there's no big reveal, it's still a major divergence: Jack had no child in the original Lost-verse.It's at least as big a divergence as Desmond on the plane, but Desmond always was a special snowflake (tm TWOP) that had different rules.

MF: I'm still thinking that my theory holds some weight. Consider: in the sideways 'verse, Jack's not drinking ("Good for you!"), and while he's not married, he's also not miserable.

He reconciles with his son, and seems to break out of the crushing orbit around his father. I dunno. I think Broken-on-the-Island-Mirror-Smashing-Jack would KILL to get to that world where he wasn't abusing drugs, pitching fits, and in general bringing howls of frustration to everyone watching his antics week after week.

Maybe I'm just projecting.

Mark Finn and Peggy Hailey were totally looking for it, dude.

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