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The Crazies
Reviewed by Jeff Ward, © 2010

Format: Movie
By:   Breck Eisner, George Romero (original)
Genre:   Horror / zombie
Review Date:   March 03, 2010
Audience Rating:   R
RevSF Rating:   8/10 (What Is This?)

"You know what? We're in trouble."

I've never seen the original Crazies by George Romero, so I have no basis in knowing if they stayed true to the original idea, but this remake is a lot like Romero's zombie films.

However, the titled antagonists are a little scarier than the traditional slowly-shambling weak-limbed Romero zombie. They have their full capacity for intelligence and mobility, if not their capacity for reason.

Then again, killing a crazy living person is a little easier than killing something that's already dead.

The filmmakers came up with some neat elements: the Thermometer of Judgment, the Car Wash of Doom, and the Truck Stop of Calamity. But this largely follows a chain of events that many zombie movies have.

It's got a fine set of actors, especially Timothy Olyphant (A Perfect Getaway's God-Damn American Jedi who is very hard to kill) as the sheriff of this small town. I didn't feel like anyone was there to just say their lines and collect a paycheck.

I have little criticism for Crazies, but there is this: There is an event which should have meant infection for the character involved, but as of the end of the film, that character seemed fine. But with a two-day time period for the infection to take effect, there might not have been enough time.

I recommend The Crazies if, like me, you tend to be a zombie movie fan. Avoid this if that kind of thing is getting old for you.

Jeff Ward was an extra in Under Siege, and Glenn Morshower from Crazies is also in Under Siege. So Jeff is two degrees from everyone in The Crazies. Envy him.

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