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Lost Thoughts : Re-Con
© Peggy Hailey
March 22, 2010

Peggy Hailey and Mark Finn (the one in italics) try to figure out in vain this week's episode of Lost. Enjoy their fruitless quest.

Recon. Re-con. Oh, show. How very clever you are.

Okay, maybe I'm slow, but this is the first side-flash where I can't figure out if they've changed or not. Sure, James is a cop instead of a con (and I would faithfully watch the Miles 'n Sawyer buddy cop spinoff show), but given that opening, he's just conning for the good guys instead of himself.

He didn't kill the wrong guy in Australia, so that's a plus, but he remains alone, heating up his TV dinners for the Pathetically Single and watching Little House (one of many great callback moments in this episode).

We get the Brooding Reflection of Alt-Verse Significance which is clear until James busts the mirror, leaving his reflection distorted. He does make a breakthrough with Miles, though, so I'm confuzzled.

Oh my yes, I’d watch that Starsky & Hutch show, especially if Miles kept his ability. Are you listening, producers? You could have them continue to chase Kate around, like the Fugitive.

Tell you what I think: Sawyer DOES make his breakthrough, and while watching Michael Landon. That’s why it’s in there. The next thing he does is go to Miles and come clean. So, he’s on the new path, for sure.

Perhaps Sawyer really IS a wild card. But honestly I now believe the true wild card is Claire. Sistergirl is completely batspit and Un-Locke has lost his key to controlling her.

Her pendulum from "I keeeeeeel you!" to "Oops, my bad" has a short, unsteady arc and she could turn on anyone, Un-Locke included, on a dime.

Claire is the wild card, and also, she may well be the reincarnation of whatever myth cycle they are pulling from. She could be a manifestation of Kali, since she gave birth to Aaron, who I personally think will end up as the new Jacob.

Given the sonic towers, it seems safe to assume that Widmore is not on Team Smokey. Given that it's Widmore, it's difficult to picture him on Team Jacob. How many wildcards are there? (And how many new people do we have to meet with less than 10 episodes to go in the series?)

We know that Dharma exists (or at least existed) in the alt-verse. This episode we learn that Pierre Chang is alive and works with Charlotte. Connection?

Only a connection in that they are making it so. I don’t think it’s significant. I do think that out of all the extant players, the only true third party is Widmore, and he’ll be the thing that decides how it all goes, in the end. Sorta like the French in the American Revolution.

Clearly whatever the upcoming conflagration, everyone on the island gets a do-over in the alt-verse. Do you suppose that's true for everyone who ever died on the island? That would be a heckuva lot of course-corrections to keep up with.

Things I'd like to see (but probably won't) in the alt-verse: Hurley meeting up with my girl Libby, meeting cute and happy together; spontaneous remission for Rose (she and Bernard can adopt Vincent to celebrate); Not-Crazy Rousseau; Mikhail; Mr. Friendly, boyfriend in tow; Waaaaaaaaaaalt; and Mr. Eko.

Yeah, Libby un-shot would be coolness. Also Mr. Eko, but I don’t see how we’re going to fit them all in. There’s got to be some collateral damage on shows like this. Redshirts, don’t you know. I’m just happy that Miles rescued the diamonds from the stupid dead spider-bite couple. Someone should get off the island happy, and it would be nice if it was him. He’s turned into a kind of lesser Han Solo for me. I don’t know why.

Peggy Hailey reads stuff in between Lost episodes at Rampant Biblioholism.

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