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Superhero Movie Trivia Update : Captain America is the Human Torch
© Joe Crowe
March 24, 2010

The Captain America movie is on fire! Ha ha ha. I think I'm soooo funny.

Chris Evans will play Captain America in a Captain America movie. He already played a Marvel hero, the Human Torch in both Fantastic Four movies.

I make no value judgment on his casting at this time. I'm just glad Captain America will be in more movies. Check out my reviews of the ones from the 1970s and the one from 1991.

He is not the first to double-dip in the fine art of Marvel superhero live-action acting.

Put on your nerd hat with me. Do it. With this knowledge you will be better armed than the legions I challenged on the Twitter and the Facebook to answer this question. Only three got more than one of these answers right. All the others must wallow in their shame.

I don't count voice actors. Superhero cartoons are wonderful, but we can all agree that they require no stuntwork or sweet live-action costumes.

I don't count actors in superhero movies who played a character not from the comics. That's like being the guy in porn movies who doesn't get to do gross naked things: Why bother?

I include here a smattering of links to RevolutionSF reviews of these movies. They will help you have the correct opinion.

The first to do the trick is Sam Elliott. He was Thunderbolt Ross in the first Hulk movie and Caretaker in the movie where Nicolas Cage's head caught on fire, Ghost Rider.

Jon Favreau was Foggy Nelson in Daredevil and Tony Stark's bodyguard / driver Happy Hogan in Iron Man.

Ryan Reynolds was Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and he was Hannibal King in Blade Trinity. Both are Marvel comic book characters.

Stan Lee has famous cameos in most of the Marvel movies, but he only played characters from the comic books twice. He was Fantastic Four mailman Willy Lumpkin in the first first Fantastic Four movie.

Then he played himself not being allowed into Reed and Sue's wedding in the second FF movie. That happened at Reed and Sue's wedding in the comics, too.

Rebecca Romijn and Ben Foster count, because they played innocent bystanders in Punisher, both from the comics. Romijn is Mystique and Foster is Angel in X-Men: X-Men: The Last Stand. Obviously, Avatar ripped off Mystique's look. Just because they added a tail don't make it right.

Now revel! Rejoice in your nerdiness!

Lord this geeky knowledge over your so-called friends. They will loathe you, but they will secretly thank you.

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