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V (2010)
Reviewed by Joe Crowe, © 2010

Format: TV
By:   Scott Peters (writer)
Genre:   Sci-fi lizards
Review Date:   April 08, 2010
RevSF Rating:   5/10 (What Is This?)

"My son is on that ship!" -- Erica, 18 times per episode

I'm caught up with the new V now. It took me awhile. Not because I was a few episodes behind. Because watching the one-hour recap seemed to take six hours. (The whole series is watchable free online at the show site.)

I am irked and nonplussed that this series has no connection to V from the 1980s. Not the same storyline, not the same actors. It's a Battlestar Galactica style revamp. Scott Peters from The 4400 took what worked and made it different.

But since there's no connection, I shall now attempt to review V on its own merits. And here I go.

Good part: The V plot points are here, but everything about them is different. The Visitors are lizards underneath human skin. They made everyone think they're good guys. There are good aliens resisting them. A human gets pregnant with an alien baby. Another human joins the aliens' cause. The concepts are still interesting; it's the execution that fails me.

Bad part: They call the Visitors "Vs," pronounced "Vee." As in, "That V is watching an episode of V."

Good part: Morena Baccarin is deliciously evil as the Visitor leader. In episode 5, Anna gets her freak on with a stud-muffin in a space bed. But she turns his head away so he can't look at her. That's just not nice.

Good and bad part: The new thing is more tense drama and less action-movie. There are no armies of bad guys, no laser guns that go "Zoosh," no scout ships that the good guys commandeer. And in true Lost style, nothing happens quickly. The endgame of the bad guys is not yet revealed. There's no shocking revelation of the saran-wrapped humans in the walk-in freezer.

Good part: The good guy aliens, the Fifth Column, is better represented here than the original. They have been on Earth for years, before the invasion. And one of them gets a human pregnant, but he thought that was impossible.

Bad part: So the aliens are disguised as humans for years, but none until now got a human pregnant? Their self-control is admirable.

But it's easy to keep it in your pants, if you are afraid your boss will eat you.

Bad part: The good guys are lame. They have no shot at taking down the Visitors. The uphill battle would be fine, if I could care about the humans doing the climbing. Their hope so far in the storyline, no kidding, is a rebel who has some guns. Against an armada of mother ships.

Good part: Changed my mind. The good guys' utter hopelessness is funny.

Bad part: No one from the original V is on it. No Michael Ironside. No Robert Englund. No Marc Singer. No peace! Deep sigh. I said I wouldn't do that. Here come the tears . . .

Bad part: Googling the title of the show sucks. It's just one letter. When I searched for the official site, I got 84 billion hits.

Good part: Chief good guy Erica (Juliet from Lost) had an excellent fight scene where she put the smack on a lizard-man.

Bad part: Every one of her lines contain the words "My son."

Bad part: Yet her son is a douche. He does not want to be saved from hanging out with the sexy aliens, because he is a Rebellious Teen.

The only reason Juliet wants to save him must be because she can't believe she let him leave the house with his hair looking like that.

RevolutionSF's Joe Crowe is a firm believer in the authority of the red jumpsuit.

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