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Trailer Probe : Resident Evil Afterlife
© Gary Mitchel
April 10, 2010

Trailer Probe analyzes sci-fi movie trailers so you can get the most out of your wasting of time.

Resident Evil: Afterlife

Dork disengagement level: Five years ago, a virus escaped and everybody died.

The Resident Evil movies are a weird mix of action, sci-fi and zombie movie cliches. This makes sense. The games they're based on are like that as well.

Here are some RevolutionSF reviews of the Resident Evils. Here's the first one. Here is the second one. And here is yet another one.

Plot and characterization are bloodily sacrificed in exchange for action and scares. I leave the decision if this is good or bad up to the viewer.

Now we have a new one, and this time it seems that returning writer/ director Paul W. S. Anderson went shopping at the Matrix PVC bodysuit and action scene megaplex for the movie's set pieces.

The flick was filmed with the spiffy new Jim Cameron-Avatar 3D cameras, which means all kinds of things will FLY RIGHT AT YOU.

This entire trailer seems to exist to let us know that the movie is in 3D, as it consists of throwing stars, swords, airplanes and bullets hurtling at the camera.

And because it's in 3D, the rotting, putrid zombies are going to be RIGHT IN YOUR FACE.

Geek explosion content: "There is hope. My name is Alice."

The very sexy Milla Jovovich is once more kicking a lot of zombie and other monster ass, which she does very well. In 3D!

We see lots of zombies, including one with a Blade-vampire-flower-thing-mouth, and some big dude with a hammer. I don’t mind these additions. Ever since the original Resident Evil game there are plenty of weird monsters trying to eat our heroes.

I keep hoping that someday the zombie great white shark from the first game will make it to the silver screen.

Best part of this new movie, for us zombie fans: There’s a horde of rotting, putrid zombies and they are RIGHT IN OUR FACE!

Geek parts per billion: 500,000 geek parts per million. For zombie fans, 800,000 geek parts per million.

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