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Trailer Probe : Super 8
© Joe Crowe
May 12, 2010

Trailer Probe reviews sci-fi movie trailers so you can spend one minute of computer time wisely. Geek explosion content is why you will like it, dork disengagement level is why you won't. Geek parts per million is the final score on a scale of one to a billion.

Super 8

Dork disengagement level: A train wrecks. Something knocks on a busted train car. And we have to wait until Fall 2010.

Warning! Warning! This is not a trailer about staying in a fleabag motel!

But you can get a reservation for one here.

Warning! Warning! This is not a trailer about a sequel to the 1970s cartoon Tarzan and the Super 7.

But you can see the show intro to that here. Warning! Includes a man turning into an arrow and shooting himself into the eye of a teddy bear.

Geek explosion content: Spielberg's name is on a movie screen!

Crickets chirping. I didn't hear anyone tell a lame joke.

AAAAGH! Sudden loud noise is scary.

In 1979, something bad happened at Area 51. Right. People disco danced and did crazy drugs.

Wait. That was Studio 54.

Truck wrecks! Train derails! Stuff blows up! Whoo whoooooo!

I hope the whole movie is like that.

Someone's knocking on a busted train car from the inside. He dents the car. I wonder if he gets out. Save it for the sequel. I want to see that truck get smashed again.

Geek parts per million: 500,000.

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