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Sci Fi Dads : HRG, Superman, Sisko, D`Argo
© Joe Crowe
June 17, 2010

9. Anthony Cooper, father of John Locke, Lost

The role of dad means you teach your son how to hunt, fish, and date Peg Bundy, even if your son looks 20 years older than you.

But Cooper made up for lost time. He taught his boy not to fear flying, by hurling him out a window. People, that is called love.

8. Superman, father of Lois' half-alien spawn, Superman Returns

The greatest superhero in the world totally did it with his woman on the super-couch, but then made her forget about it. So naturally, when he came back from a space vacation, imagine his surprise when she had a super-kid. But Superman did not flake from super-parental responsibility. Even if he couldn't figure out how she remembered they did it.

I mean, the super-amnesia lip stuff in Superman 2 was foolproof.

7. HRG, adoptive father of Claire, Heroes

His adopted daughter has everything a dad would want in a child: The ability to never be hurt, and the power to lead cheers.

He'll do anything, including hang out with dudes from Haiti, to keep her safe from boys who show up at her high school trying to save her.

6. Benjamin Sisko, father of Jake Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Sisko's wife was killed by Locutus of Borg, really Picard who was Borg-ified. But Sisko did not believe that whole thing. Picard made up some punk-ass story because he was after Sisko's woman.

Sisko was so committed to the family unit that he went to the evil Mirror Universe and reinstated it. He got the hookup with his wife's not-dead alternate-Earth twin, who must have shaved her evil goatee right before he got there. She sure seemed nice. What does that say about his regular-Earth wife?

5. D'Argo, father of Jothee, Farscape

D'argo searched for his child for years, and when he found him, D'Argo's girlfriend Chiana did the horizontal mambo with the kid.

Allowing your child quality time with his potential future stepmother is so important.

4. Teen Wolf's dad, father of Teen Wolf, Teen Wolf

He thought it skipped a generation. Instead his son was a werewolf, just like his pop. Ordinarily this would be a proud moment for a father, except then the boy surfed on the roof of a van, and that is just crazy.

Like all fathers and sons, they bonded over basketball. This is because, bloodthirsty flesh-rending monsters know how to put the rock in the hole.

3. Bail Organa, adoptive father of Princess Leia

Before any of us knew he was her father, Leia sneered in the face of Darth Vader’s interrogations. When she wouldn’t spill her guts, even after watching Dad commit planetary genocide, he sent her to her cell without any supper. Instead of killing her.

That’s as close to fatherly as Vader gets for almost two more films. However, though we barely know Leia’s adopted dad, he must have been a generous and savvy guy. Bail Organa gave his new baby girl both name and title, and raised her with the spine to stand up to the entire Galactic Empire. Well done, sir.

Also, when he hid his half of Anakin's twins, he changed Leia's last name, unlike her idiot cousins on Tattooine.

2. Professor Chase, father of Manimal

Jonathan Chase's father knew the importance of leaving a legacy for your kids. This world is a better place because dads teach their sons to be hawks or panthers.

1. Hikaru Sulu, father of Demora, Star Trek

Sulu's daddy skills are sharp like his shirtless swordsmanship. He is the only original Enterprise crew member to successfully conceive a child, know the child exists and presumably who the mother is, have the child not hate him, guide the child into a career, and not get the child gutted by a Klingon pointy thing.

All your sci-fi dads are belong to us: The Ultimate Sci-Fi Dad Lists.

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