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Sci Fi Dads : Midichlorians, Walter Bishop, Kirk`s Dad
© Shane Ivey , Joe Crowe
June 21, 2010

Being a dad in sci-fi is a challenge. We have only begun to discover our power. Join him, and he will complete our training. With our combined strength, we can end this destructive conflict and bring order to the galaxy.

7. Ming the Merciless, father of Aura, Flash Gordon

Daddies love to have fun with their daughters, like playing in the park, swimming in the lake, and trapping them in torture chambers. Even when their kids lust after some Earth creature, then betray them for some dude they met in the woods, Daddies have special relationships with their little girls.

6. George Kirk, father of James Kirk, Star Trek

George Kirk was a starship captain for 12 minutes. He saved hundreds of people on a crashing starship while his wife gave birth to the future captain. So he didn't get to spend much time with l'il James. But it's the quality time that counts. I'm sure he taught his boy in utero how to impress the ladies.

5. Man-At-Arms, father of Teela, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Man-At-Arms knocked the furry boots with the Sorceress, then he took their daughter to work with him, because the Eternia royal guard is very understanding about that.

He taught his little girl to overlook when the people she bodyguards disappear, then reappear totally tan and wearing fur drawers.

4. Midichlorians, father of Darth Vader

Shmi is not midichlorians. She just got loved up by them.

Midichlorians are gentlemanly. They don't want to burden their women after sexing them down, except for making them raise their babies.

But raising a midichlorian baby is easy, because they easily take up farming moisture, and they build robots but then forget about it. And pod racing? Those kids know their pod racing.

It's easier without a man around, especially one who wears a robe and grows rat-tails. Midichlorians would disapprove of their kids' dubious fashion choices, if they could. But they can't. Because midichlorians are blood particles, not some kind of unseen power than binds the universe together. That would be silly.

3. The Doctor, father of Jenny, Doctor Who

The doctor got a child in the David Tennant episode "The Doctor's Daughter." Jenny was cloned by a bad guy with a sci-fi gizmo. So Doc didn't conceive a child the fun way, even though every single woman he ever meets wants to be his baby mama.

Even more disappointing for the Doctor: A bad guy shot her dead, like most children in sci-fi. So he cried a little then got out of there before something crazy happened like she revived.

Then she revived. But the best dads challenge their children to succeed. So Jenny will have a major challenge to find him now that he's regenerated into a completely new guy.

2. Walter Bishop, father of Fringe Earth-1 Peter, Fringe

Walter is a crazy doctor who has a grown-up son who thinks he's a wack-job but takes care of him, anyway. Then it was revealed that Earth-1 Peter died years ago. So Walter kidnapped the Peter from an alternate Earth where Leonard Nimoy is even cooler than on our Earth.

That shows class and respectability. Some dads won't pick up their kids from tee-ball practice.

1. Darth Vader, father of Luke and Leia

After Anakin Skywalker's baby mama died, he never checked for himself what happened to his babies. Even though one lived with his step-family in the house where Vader's mom used to live, and had the same last name.

After he put on his sweet armor, he chopped his boy's hand off for not wanting to join the family business. He threatened to kidnap and brainwash his sister.

But when Darth's boss was electrocuting his boy -- you know how bosses are -- Vader came through. He abused the right person for a change! Then the boss got dead, the boy was OK. And so Darth was set for sainthood like his buddies Obi-Wan and Yoda. Because he did one good thing, one time.

There is a Father's Day card for that.

You showed me how much you love fighting
And Force-threw furniture at my head
But when I was getting killed with lightning
You beat the other guy down instead.
Thanks, Dad, for everything you do. Happy Father's Day!

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