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Trailer Probe : The Smurfs Movie
© Joe Crowe
June 24, 2010

Trailer Probe watches nerd-related movie trailers to help you waste your computer time wisely. Geek explosion content is reasons you will like it, dork disengagement level is why you won't. Geek explosion level is from zero to a billion, regarding total nerdy enjoyment.

The Smurfs

Geek explosion content: SMURFIN' A.

The Smurfs were irritating in the 1980s. But Marmaduke has been irritating since the Korean War, and it got a movie. So the Smurfs deserve a turn.

The one thing funny about the Smurfs (besides that Gargamel and his wacky hijinks) is when they replace every word with Smurf. I want everyone in modern-day society to do it. Like this:

I smurf every smurf in modern-day smurfity to smurf it.


Smurfs was on for about 6 hours every Saturday morning, and I gladly watched it so I wouldn't have to get up and change the channel before Spider-man and His Amazing Friends came on.

There are many, many tiny cartoon things that have been irritating since Smurfs. Now the grand-daddies of irritating cartoons will show those punks how it's done.

In the trailer, the Smurf song is set to the music of Tone Loc's "Wild Thing." Could have been worse. Could have been "Smurfy Cold Medina."

The trailer only shows three Smurfs for a couple of seconds. That will be enough for now.


Dork disengagement level: This trailer pulled out the usual tricks for comedy teaser trailers. For that, you start with stock footage of the Earth. Then you hit them with the surprise. In this case, it's a misspelled word.


The past tense of nearly every word is when you add "ed." Not apostrophe d. Nothing in English past tense ends with an apostrophe.

Maybe they want the word SMURF to be apparent, because that's the trademark. They want the apostrophe-d to be out of the way so everyone will see SMURF and not the last two letters.

They could make the "ed" smaller. Dear Smurfs people: It's called font size. It's on your menu bar somewhere. Just click around.

I blame Kelso from That 70s Show and his show about making celebrities cry, Punk'd. It's OK if celebrities spell it wrong, because they are stupid.

But don't drag the Smurfs into your cesspool of incorrect spelling.

When I saw it, I almost barf'd.

Geek explosion level: 500,000 smurf parts per smurf.

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