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Trailer Probe : Green Hornet
© Joe Crowe
June 24, 2010

RevolutionSF's Trailer Probe grades nerd-related movie trailers to help you spend your nerd time more knowledgeably.

The Green Hornet

Dork disengagement level: Run for your life, Cameron Diaz fans! This trailer is not for you. She appears halfway through it for about 2 seconds, then smiles, then in another scene her back is turned. And that's all of Cameron for the whole trailer.

The key to the Hornet is Kato. Kato has to be awesome. Here, Kato's action stuff is like on Six Million Dollar Man and The Matrix in slow mo. The coolness of original Kato, Bruce Lee, is he was really doing all the action stuff in regular mo.

Seth Rogen is playing Robert Downey Jr. playing Tony Stark, except Tony's father is dead before the trailer starts (spoiler warning! !!!)

Seth Rogen is a comedy guy. So there is a large amount of comedy. If you thought he would act like a dramatic actor, I remind you that he is not a dramatic actor.

Geek explosion content: THE CAR.

The trailer tells everyone who isn't a geek who Green Hornet is and all about his stuff. That's an impressive feat, because there is a lot of stuff.

The good old reliable part where the superhero gets his weapons and gadgets is in the trailer. It's cool, like in Hot Fuzz where the sidekick says "By the Power of Grayskull!"

Kato's dialogue is excellent.

The gas gun is a funny part.

There are plenty of funny parts in the trailer. There may not be as many funny parts in the movie. But everyone knows Seth Rogen is a funny-parts guy, so the trailer shows him doing funny parts.

I'm surprised they left the newspaper publisher part of the origin in. Newspapers! In a movie! How do you like that, Internet?

The funny thing about the Green Hornet is that sidekick Kato is the bad mother and Hornet sits in the back of the car. So they left that in.

This is very much an homage to Iron Man. A funny guy becomes a serious superhero. The original Green Hornet had no personality for the writers to adapt. So this one will do fine.

The green suit and the chauffeur uniform looked silly on the original Hornet. So they look sillier now. But I give credit for keeping it real. Real nerdy. You go, Green Hornet movie. Pimp or die.

Final grade, in geek parts per billion: 700,000.

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