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The Event: Episode 1
Reviewed by Joe Crowe, © 2010

Format: TV
By:   Nick Wauters
Genre:   Action-drama - sci-fi - something
Review Date:   September 22, 2010
RevSF Rating:   6/10 (What Is This?)

"I haven't told you everything." -- Dr. Weaver from ER

There are no spoilers in this review, because I have no idea what's happening.

I'm giving this show a few episodes to try to hook me. Most shows get a half hour or an hour. But these people are asking for a few hours. That is a big imposition.

Its creators claimed the plot will move forward early, instead of six years later. But you have to watch the first episode first, to see if you want to watch another. .

The sci-fi part. Something sci-fi happens at the end of the first episode. It's definitely sci-fi-ish. They tease it at the first of the episode, with people screaming and running. Then they show what they were screaming about and running from at the end.

The flashbacks! It's like a whole season of Lost in one hour.

There are flashbacks, flash forwards from the flashbacks, then flashbacks within the flashbacks.

Onscreen titles that look just like the ones in Heroes tell us when the backs are being flashed.

The flashbacks bounce from "three days ago" to "11 minutes ago" to "six months ago." And more! Lots more! All in the first hour.

The prison. Some people are imprisoned in a secret prison. The "Event" may have something to do with them. I guess they are responsible for the sci-fi part from episode 1.

So that sounds like something.

Our hero. Jason Ritter plays our lovable hero, except he's a putz. Most of the episode he tries to propose to his girlfriend, almost does it, then doesn't do it. Then they flash-forward to days later, and he still hasn't done it. That's just lazy.

Our hero needs to shave. In the present day, more or less, he is desperate and haggard. You don't have time to shave when you're desperate and haggard. But then it flashes back to when he's on the beach with his woman, and he still has the unshaven semi-beard peach fuzz. He looks itchy.

Who are these people? We have no evidence that our hero is heroic until he cliff-dives to save someone. Then the story drags to a full stop so our hero, his woman, the lady he rescued, and her boyfriend, can have fun on the beach. Are they part of The Event? They better be.

About 78 cast members. They introduce every single person on the show in one hour, amid a dozen time flip-flops. Slow down, people. Let us get to know these jerks. Take a few years. Ease into it.

Man vs. airplane. A guy in a car tries to stop a plane by getting in front of it on the runway. A better action guy would climb into the landing gear or shoot at it. But this guy. He stands in front of it. It takes off anyway.

Lost. Seriously. The hero jets to a tropical island. Sure enough, something crazy happens on a plane and on an island.

Of course they want to be compared to Lost. But that's cheap. It's blindingly obvious. There is no reason, story-wise, for them to be on a tropical island. The same story could happen at Branson, Missouri.

Dr. Weaver. I guess the people in the prison are humans. One is Dr. Weaver from ER. She's not playing Dr. Weaver. But she acts like it.

Maybe it's the cast of ER. They're being held hostage because NBC desperately needs ratings.

Get confused for yourself! The show is online at its NBC site.

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