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Trailer Probe : Paradox
© Joe Crowe
October 05, 2010

Trailer Probe analyzes sci-fi movie trailers for nerdy enjoyment. Geek explosion content is the good parts. Dork disengagement level is the bad parts. Geek parts per billion is the sheer volume of awesomeness. 1 billion is highest.


Dork disengagement level: For those who prefer Kevin Sorbo in sleeveless attire and / or shirtless, this trailer has none of that. My apologies in advance.

Geek explosion content: "In a parallel world of magic . . . "

That's just how the trailer starts. The next two minutes are packed with nerdy goodness.

Kevin Sorbo wears a fedora and a long coat throughout the entire trailer. I hope he never takes either one off, in the whole movie.

The trailer explains in detail the backstory: His world is run by magic, not technology. This results in this awesome quote from Sorbo:

"How can you drive a piece of metal into a guy's head hard enough to kill him, without using magic?"

So the parallel world run by magic is invaded by somebody from the non-magic universe, in other words, ours. Sorbo must prevent the parallel worlds from colliding.

This is such a great idea that it gives me an ice cream headache.

The trailer shows planets about to smash into each other and Kevin Sorbo blows the head off a minotaur.

So, I need to see this right now, or sooner if possible.

Geek parts per billion: 900,000.

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