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Buffy the Vampire Slayer : The RevolutionSF Guide
© Joe Crowe
October 12, 2010

Buffy was the first nerd-related show that started about the same time as the RevolutionSF staff's careers in sci-fi journalism. Here are our reviews of most of the seasons, and other stuff for the Buffazoids.

Season 3

The network delayed some episodes. Chaos ensued.

Season 4

The Big Bad was a patchwork Frankenstein guy. Seriously.

Season 5

Our review of the first part, of season 5, with Dracula and Xander, who is no one's butt monkey.

And here's the second part, in which Dawn is awesome. It includes one of the best episodes of any TV series, period.

Season 6

Our review of the beginning of season 6.

And we were stunned at the super coolness of the musical episode, "Once More With Feeling."

Season 7

The first part of season 7.

The Role Playing Game

We played the role playing game. At least the dice were pretty.

Season 8

The show continued as a comic book. Here is our look at the first issue. More to come.

Buffy News

Fine examples of RevolutionSF's value added sci-fi smartassery.

Buffy producers fake show rumors to the Internet. Well, I never!

When Buffy and Angel when went to different networks, fans had a cow.

Britney Spears might have guest starred.

Buffy actors got work before the last show aired, including including Tara.

Sarah Michelle Gellar refused to appear on Angel after Buffy ended. Well, I never!

Buffy actors did get other jobs.

The Buffy motion comic of season 8 wants voice actors..

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