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RevolutionSF Watercooler : Dead Han Solo
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November 12, 2010

The RevolutionSF Watercooler is where we would discuss pertinent issues of the day if we were all in the same office, and if it had a water cooler.

Today's topic: Harrison Ford said, like he has for years, that he wanted Han Solo to die, but George Lucas turned him down. He said Lucas figured no one would buy Dead Han Solo toys.

Ford's latest bout with besmirching the good name of Han Solo is in this interview.

* * * * *

Harrison Ford says Han Solo should have been killed off in Jedi to add "bottom" to the story.

If true, Lucas seriously underestimated the rabidity of the Star Wars fan.

Should Han have died? Would that have added depth to the story, or just have been the first in a long line of Lucas-generated Filk Yous to the fans?

Well, second, if you count Ewoks. -- Peggy Hailey

* * * * *

If at the time of Jedi, they killed Han off and given him a hero's death, the sacrifice so that others may live, it would have been seen as genius film making at the time, been a much stronger case for him strip-mining mythology, and would have changed the way our generation absorbs popular culture, in a good way.

For all of Lucas' creative energy, he has terrible instincts. Consider that he thinks the worst movie in his trilogy is Empire. Consider Phantom Menace, and all it entails. Consider Howard the Duck.

At this stage in the game, I would ask his opinion and then do the exact opposite of what he says.

It took two generations, but Harry Potter got the formula right, in my opinion. And I LOVE that Rowling is strictly controlling the property. There's kind of a rush to get the rest of the HP merchandise out in the next 8 months. After that, it'll get quiet and everything will start to percolate. And then we wait for the inevitable revival. -- Mark Finn

* * * * *

I'll agree about the terrible instincts, but if we're making the Harry Potter comparison, shouldn't it be Luke who dies, thus achieving one-ness with the Force and reuniting with both his literal and spiritual fathers? -- Peggy Hailey

* * * * *

Ford's a better judge of good paycheck than parts, but I have to agree that Han's death could've been a great character arc for the rogue who started off in the first film only concerned about payment and his own skin. There's no victory without sacrifice, but the good guys had pretty much no sacrifice whatsoever in Jedi -- pretty much everything went their way, and the entire movie lacks any feel of impending peril, with the exception of about two seconds during the Luke/Vader battle.

Hell, even Lando was supposed to die, and Lucas wussed out on that as well, but left in that orphan line about Han "not seeing the Falcon" again. -- Jayme Blaschke

* * * * *

I am very glad Han didn't die, because he is the most interesting character in that series. That trilogy is about the redemption of a black hat, Han, through his friendship with Luke. Having him die is like have the bad girl go good, only to die to atone for her sins and clear the way for the virginal princess (in this case Luke) to marry the hero (in this case Leia).

It would make the story akin to Les Miz, where Eponine dies, and Marius ends up with Fantine. Except it would take place in space.

Instead, Han surviving the whole mess tells the story of a leopard changing his spots and helping bring down the powers that has, in some ways, turned him bad. A far more interesting metaphor. And one that you can see the descendant of in characters such as Mal from Firefly and New Kirk in Star Trek.

And there was sacrifice. Let us never forget the tragic Ewok death in Jedi. -- Deanna Toxopeus

RevolutionSF remembers the Stormtrooper that killed that Ewok at the Tomb of the Unknown Stormtrooper.

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