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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Reviewed by Gary Mitchel, © 2010

Format: Movie
By:   Edgar Wright (director)
Genre:   Comic book adaptation
Review Date:   November 18, 2010
RevSF Rating:   4/10 (What Is This?)

I finally watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, which my friend and fellow podcaster Deanna Toxopeus and I have argued about since before the flick came out. She's a fan of the original comic and has been in love with the movie since the first trailer. I thought the comic was pretentious, the trailers were horrid, and I said so, many times.

So Deanna and I have gone back and forth over the flick for a few months now, with my saying I thought it was gonna suck, and her trying to convince me it was the greatest geek flick ever.

Some of my fellow RevSF crew have shared this opinion.

Being a contrarian, this made me stand by my opinion to an even stronger degree. It didn't help matters that the film was hyped and advertised beyond belief.

I had no interest in seeing the flick in the theater, but I also don't want to be someone that complains about something I haven't watched (Warning! TV Tropes link). There are several movies I thought, based on previews and hype, I would despise that I ended up loving, such as the first Resident Evil, Dog Soldiers and REPO! The Genetic Opera, to name a few.

I wanted to give Scott Pilgrim a chance to work whatever charms it had that seemed to be working for so many other geeks a shot at winning me over. So, I watched it.

And it failed.

The flick wasn't the utter disaster I was expecting, but it didn't win me over.

The Good: Thomas Jane's cameo, Clash at Demonhead's song, Scott's cool roommate, the sexy hipster demon chicks, some of the 8-Bit video game touches were fun, Ramona's cute smile, and Chris Evans and Brandon Routh as evil exes.

The Bad: Michael Cera can't act. He has, if you're being charitable, three facial expressions. He was overshadowed by everyone else in the movie including the cameos.

The plot was weak (especially the rationale for the League of Evil Exes). The movie wasn't nearly as clever as it thought it was.

Michael Cera can't act. There was NO chemistry between Scott and Ramona. They did nothing to make her seem like someone worth Scott going through all this hell for.

A good chunk of the cute bits were lame, such as the text-on-screen sound effects like 1960s Batman.

Michael Cera can't act. Scott was the least interesting character in the entire movie. He started unlikable and stayed that way until the end.

Also, Michael Cera can't act.

I was rooting for Knives to kick Ramona's ass in their fight. It didn't live up to 1/10 of its hype, and Michael Cera can't act.

Scott Pilgrim was at times visually interesting, and had some decent music. But the few good bits were overwhelmed by all the flaws. It tried so hard to be clever, but it didn't work for me. It came off with too much of a LOOK HOW COOL I AM! vibe that left me cold.

I give it credit for trying something new, which far too many flicks don't. Scott Pilgrim is an ambitious failure that wanted to be greater than the sum of its parts, but just didn’t make it.

With an actor who could pull off the jerk with a heart of gold character that Scott is supposed to be, I can see how this movie might have worked for me. But I never saw the heart of gold inside Scott. He's more like a jerk with a heart of less-jerk.

RevolutionSF movie reviewer Gary Mitchel is not in lesbians with this movie.

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