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Video Probe: Fringe
© Gary Mitchel
December 15, 2010

Video Probe analyzes TV trailers because when Fox cancels Fringe, we will not be able to.

Fringe Friday Night Death Zone Preview

Geek explosion level: After consigning untold sci-fi series to the Friday Night Sci-Fi Death Zone, Fox is moving Fringe there. And it's acknowledging that the FNSFDZ exists in the minds of fandom. And it's using that to promote the move and fight back against the notion of the FNSFDZ.

It's well put together, with Walter screaming "DEATH! DEATH!" and Olivia talking about the obits and death notices.

Dork disengagement level: Fringe might be enough of a juggernaut to survive Fridays, like X-Files did. It has the strength of two universes to use in this fight.

However, we must remember and lament the fallen: Brisco County Jr., M.A.N.T.I.S., VR5, Brimstone, Lone Gunmen, Dark Angel, John Doe, Dollhouse, and Strange Luck.

And of course, Firefly. Has it really been eight years? The pain is still so fresh.

Wait. Fox reads Aint It Cool News, and IGN, but not RevolutionSF? Who do we have to mail strange objects to over there?

Geek parts per billion: 500,000.

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