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Sci-Fi TV Preview 2011: Poe, 17th Precinct, Wonder Woman
© Joe Crowe
March 02, 2011

TV people work feverishly on new show ideas to employ drug-raging sitcom actors. They're filming pilots, sample episodes to show to Hollywood people, but that we, the TV-gorging public, may never see.

For 2011, there are a crazy amount of pilots of nerdy interest, with a plethora of sci-fi and supernatural stuff. Here is the big list of all the shows approved to get pilots filmed, network by network.

These are all real ideas someone had for real TV shows. Proceed with caution. Check out the possible shows from A through M right here.

Once Upon a Time. (ABC) A boy finds out that fairy tales may be real. I can't wait for the Little Miss Muffet episode.

Person of Interest (CBS): Ben from Lost plays either a CIA agent or a billionaire that he teams up with to fight crime. Either way: Gold.

Poe. (ABC) Edgar Allan Poe is a detective in the 1840s. He's called "The world's very first detective." So, that's not exactly historically accurate about Poe, who was not in the law enforcement business. And let's just say he was. I'm pretty sure he would not be the first one.

I hope the raven is his arch-enemy. In every episode, tap, tap, tapping.

Powers. (FX) Based on the Brian Bendis and Michael Oeming comic book. It's a cop show in a world with superheroes. One of the cops used to be a superhero. The comic book is good stuff. Check it out right here.

Raven. (CW) A TV show for Raven, the Teen Titan, not Poe's arch-enemy with the tapping. I want to watch this right now.

She's perfect for a CW show, with all her emotions and the father issues. Too bad there'll be no Starfire. Or Beast Boy. Or Cyborg. Maybe I don't want to watch this right now.

Remember Everything, Lady: (CBS) Poppy Montgomery from Without A Trace plays a probably sassy detective who can remember everything. If they don't have a name for their show ideas yet, I make one up myself.

It says her power is "a curse in her personal life." This is not a curse! I want her to say, "My keys are in that drawer" and "The remote is under that cushion" in every single episode.

REM. (NBC) A guy lives in two parallel universes after a "horrible car accident." That paints a a very unrealistic picture of unsafe driving. Not good for the kids.

Rest. (NBC) Based on the comic book by Peter Petrelli from Heroes, Milo Ventimiglia. A workaholic takes a drug so he doesn't have to sleep. And yet they call the show Rest. This makes me tired.

Ringer. (CBS) Sarah Michelle Gellar with Nestor Carbonell, who was Bat-Manuel on The Tick and Richard Alpert on Lost. She plays a lady from a rich family who pretends to be her twin sister. Then she finds out her twin has a bounty on her head. It's twice the Sarah Michelle Gellar in only one show!

Romeo & Juliet. (ABC) This is a series re-enactment of the play. OMG spoilerz for the last episode!!!! It's set in the actual time of the play, not updated for the 21st century, so Mercutio won't be able to sext.

Unfortunately, it's on network TV, so there will be no flopping around nekkid like on The Tudors.

S.A.N.D. (NBC) I love acronyms!

The Sleep and Nightmare Division enters dreams to fight nightmares. I like when TV makers look to other mediums for inspiration, such as movies that came out six months ago.

17th Precinct. (NBC) A world ruled by magic by Battlestar Galactica guy Ron Moore, starring Apollo and Baltar (Jamie Bamber and James Callis).

Smokers. (Fox) By Brian Vaughan, the creator of comic books Y: The Last Man and Ex Machina. A documentary crew follows good guys into space to fight aliens.

I would have called it Cops: Above and Beyond.

Supermom. (ABC) A mom finds a suit that gives her superpowers. This show will offend every woman on the planet, and it will be on the air 12 years.

Touch. (Fox) I first mentioned this show right here. Now Jack Bauer (he used to be called Keifer Sutherland) signed up to play the dad. I'm not buying that at all. Jack Bauer's kids tend to get chased by cougars.

True Lies. (ABC) A show based on the movie! I demand Tom Arnold.

Wonder Woman. (NBC) The show description says it's "non-campy." I'll be the judge of that. Adrianne Palicki is Wonder Woman, and there's some neat trivia. This will be the third time she's been in a remake of a sci-fi show.

She was also going to be Marion in a Munsters remake. And she played Penny in a John Woo version of Lost in Space that got filmed but never aired. Maybe this time. Please please please please.

Ahem. Sorry.

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