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Six Degrees of Dracula to Frankenstein
Contest Hosted by Joe Crowe

(not counting the old Universal movies where the two characters actually met, because that'd be too easy)
Dracula is a monster. Frankenstein is a monster. Is that one or two? (arc_highbeam@yahoo.com)
Actually, Frankenstein is a scientist.

Authors of both novels, Bram Stoker and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, were English. Both were in movies with Abbott and Costello.  One easy damn step. (kingfisher61@cs.com)

The Abbott and Costello film was a Universal Studios movie itself. Guards! Take this one away.

 Which do you mean? Frankenstein the scientist, or Frankenstein the monster? (fnchnst@home.com)
Ah, yes. If you actually knew an answer to the challenge, you would have also known that regardless of whether I was speaking of the monster or the scientist, they were always in the same movie together, anyway.
Ed Wood ::bitchslaps joe:: (smapdi_joe@hotmail.com)
One slap. Everyone gets ONE slap.
Wait... maybe I shouldn't have revealed that.
Robert DeNiro played The Creature in Kenneth Branagh's version of Frankenstein.  DeNiro was in The Godfather, Part II directed by Francis Ford Coppola.  Coppola directed the Dracula movie with Gary Oldman.  Two degrees. (smarko98@aol.com)
Cary Elwes was in Dracula, and was in Robin Hood: Men in Tights, which was directed by Mel (Young Frankenstein) Brooks.   Young Frankenstein had Gene Hackman as the Blind Hermit (funniest damn scene in the movie).  Genie was in The Replacements with Keanu "Whoa" Reeves......Who's Jonathan HARKER in Bram Stoker's Dracula.  

Sorry for the interruption. Did you just link Dracula back to Dracula?

Helena Bonham Carter played in that terrible Robert DeNiro movie, Frankenstein.....and she was in Howard's End with Anthony Hopkins, who played Van Helsing in the Gary Oldman version of Dracula[You're all over the place. Tunnel vision, my friend, tunnel vision... start here:] Gary Oldman played the most memorable villian in quite a while in a movie called the Fifth Element.  Ian (that really short priest guy, Vito Cornelius COORKNEEEELEEEEEOOOOOOS) Holm played Baron Frankenstein in the De Niro Frankenstein.   (kjkearney@home.com)

 Oh, please.  The producers, visual effects artists and makeup crew were the same for both movies.  Call that one degree to the third power! (c_calthrop@hotmail.com)
Perhaps, my braggadocious friend. And what were their names?
That's what I thought. Back to the Wheel of Pain with you!
Bram Stoker's Dracula starred Gary Oldman.
1) Oldman was in that weird sci-fi movie Fifth Element with Bruce Willis.
2) Willis was in Die Hard with Alan Rickman.
3) Rickman was in that awful Robin Hood with Kevin Prince-of-Tights Costner
4) Costner was in another awful movie (when ISN'T he?) Untouchables with DeNiro
5) DeNiro was in Frankenstein.
Bam! Five degrees!! USA Network's Saturday afternoon programming comes thru again!!! (boredschmuck1234@hotmail.com)
Gary Oldman played Dracula in the 1992 Bram Stoker's Dracula, starring Anthony Hopkins as Prof. Van Helsing.
Anthony Hopkins was in Howard's End with Helena Bonham Carter.
Helena Bonham Carter was in the 1994 Mary Shelley's Frankenstein . Kenneth Branagh played Victor Frankenstein in that movie opposite Robert De Niro as the Monster.(rachelkivey@aol.com)
And finally, this entry counts as this person's one slap.
Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff (Dracula and Frankenstein's monster, respectively: duh!) worked on several movies together, including The Raven. Does that work for you? It better. (ahsturgis@mindspring.com)

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