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RevolutionSF Newsblast: April Fool Edition: Presenting The Winners
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
April 01, 2011

We have winners in this RevolutionSF contest! One of these nerd-related news items is not true. But contestants were urged not to Google it, to decide which one is untrue using only the power of their minds.

The winners will get a lovely prize physically mailed to them from the RevolutionSF prize attic.

And now the news:

William Shatner Almost Wrestled At Wrestlemania

Several years ago, William Shatner had a confrontation on a WWE TV show with wrestler Jerry "the King" Lawler, in which Shatner stunned Lawler with his wrestling ability.

William Shatner met Jerry Lawler in the WWE right here in this scene.

It's too much. I can not look away.

Pirates of the Caribbean Makers Admit the Last One Was Confusing

Jerry Bruckheimer said "I always like clear storytelling." This, coming from the producer of Prince of Persia and even Bad Boys 2.

Director Rob Marshall said he tried "to add clarity" to the story.

Most of the guessers guessed this one. Many reasoned that Bruckheimer would never admit he did something wrong.

But he did just that, and the full story is at this link.

Quidditch To Be Played In Real Life

In California, eleven college teams will play "Ground Quidditch," a version of the game that does not involve magic.

But the players must spend the entire game running with brooms between their legs.

It, too, really happened! Here's the link. So this very contest was an April Fool. All of the nominees for being untrue are not untrue. They are the opposite of untrue.

Everyone who played gets the free RevolutionSF prize from the attic, mailed to your home or cell.

Thanks to everyone who played. For those who did not play, I ask you to look at yourself in the mirror and say, "Don't I deserve something from RevolutionSF's attic?"

The answer is yes. Yes, you do. Good luck next time.

To let us know that you knew the answers all along, go to our FacBoo page, on the Twitter , or the e-mail at revolutionsfjoe@gmail.com.

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