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Sci-Fi Bunnies: Frank, Usagi Yojimbo, Night of the Lepus
© Joe Crowe
April 22, 2011

Rabbits are among nature's most beautiful creatures, and they play many important roles. In sci-fi, fantasy, and such, they are equally necessary, just as in nature, where they outwit our coyotes, tell our hunters and our ducks which hunting season it is, fend off our cowboys or pirates, and dress up like our female Tasmanian devils.

4. Frank from Donnie Darko

Frank told Donnie Darko he would die in 28 days. He asked whether Donnie believed in time travel. He appears to be someone wearing a stupid bunny suit. He leaves us with more questions than answers.

Number one on the list: Why are we wearing these stupid man suits?

3. Usagi Yojimbo

Stan Sakai's ronin rabbit appeared in comics in 1984. He teamed up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

But he lived in feudal Japan, not modern America. So he had no pizza or sewers. He lived outside, baby, and he had a sword, not some girly nunchuks.

2. Lepus, Night of the Lepus

"What is the terrifying mutant that strikes from behind the shroud of night?"

Night of the Lepus is about a giant bunny. Not scary, you might say, but only if you have never encountered a giant bunny.

Check out the horrifying way they pronounce mutant!

Janet Leigh runs afoul of the Lepus. You would think she learned her lesson after taking that shower in the crazy man's hotel.

1. Hoops from Gamma World

In TSR's 1978 role-playing game Gamma World, the apocalypse made bad things happen. Animals were mutated. Robots went crazy. Plants could talk. Best of all, it gave us a break from AD&D for a week or two.

In Gamma World, society was crumbled. Things were rotten. You lived by your wits and fought for your life every day. But no one was prepared to handle rabbits who carried guns.


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