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Sci Fi Dads: Daddy`s Girl Edition
© Becky Panovich
June 19, 2011

Being a heroine is not easy. Being a father to a heroine must be darn-near impossible.

7. The Comedian, father of Silk Spectre II, Watchmen

His foiled assault attempt on her mother Sally Jupiter made Laurie’s first flirtatious encounter with him creepy enough. By the time Laurie finds out that Mom eventually succumbed to The Comedian’s nihilistic charms, it’s too late for any sort of reconciliation. If this seems sad, remember that Edward Blake, while officially a hero, was in no way a good guy. His best gift to his daughter was staying away from her.

6. Zeus, father of Persephone, et al

When your father is the king of the gods and your mother is his sister, family togetherness must be pretty awkward. So when Zeus’ brother abducted Persephone to the underworld to make her his queen, maybe Zeus didn’t hear about it right away. He probably took action as soon as he realized the planetary ice age happening below Olympus was due to Demeter mourning their lost daughter.

So he sent in his best transporter to ferry her back to safety. If only it had been sooner. A girl works up an appetite fending off the advances of her lonely uncle.

5. Ben Linus, father of Alex Rousseau, Lost

Ben seemed irredeemable, a vessel filled with arrogance, selfishness and cowardice. His wheedling and lies ensured he would have no allies on that island. Even so, Alex believed in him. She knew his worst qualities, and didn’t always like him, but in the end she trusted him. And it got her killed. So when the great wheel turned, giving him a second chance in a new life, Ben gave his all to make Alex’s life better. Finally becoming the good man he never was on the island freed Ben to move on to a greater reward.

4. Professor Membrane, father of Gaz, Invader ZIM

Being called the man “without whom the world would be thrown into chaos" can put a lot of pressure on a guy, even the world’s smartest man. Professor Membrane had a popular TV show, invented things so awesomely advanced that man has not evolved sufficiently to appreciate them and still found time to make a couple of kids.

When his vital work kept him away, he left recorded messages of guidance and discipline to Gaz and The videos were often out of order and outdated, but imagine the Herculean effort it took for a man so important to think of his children at all.

Where super-scientists are concerned, the thought should count even more.

3. Captain Jack Harkness, father of Alice Carter, Torchwood

Jack saved the world in secret so many times that we would rename the planet for him, if only we knew he existed. His daughter Alice seemed less than happy to have him visit him on the eve of a massive alien invasion, and, as it turned out, with good reason.

Jack was forced to sacrifice his own flesh and blood for the good of mankind in a gambit that would give a Vulcan pause. And he will live with that choice until the end of time. But not before making the government agency that ransomed Alice for his cooperation ever so sorry.

2. Morris, father of Leela, Futurama

A mild-mannered sewer mutant with a sideways grin, Morris and his wife gave up their only child to offer her the chance at a normal above-ground life. Leela may have grown up in the Orphanarium, but at least the minimum-security rating allowed dear old Dad to keep his eye on her, and even secretly help her when she stumbled. Plus he’s not stingy with the tequila.

1. Hank, father of Buffy and Dawn, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Hank was infrequently referred-to, and seen more in hallucinations and nightmares than in Buffy’s real life. We only heard the Sunnydale-side of the story, though.

I like to think that he tried the best he could to stay connected with his daughter, who was by then in high school and all super-busy and stuff. I mean we’re talking about Almanzo from Little House on the Prairie here!

For all our lists of dads in sci-fi go to the Ultimate Sci-Fi Dads List.

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